Man convicted of abducting, raping woman who was heading to airport

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A man arrested in connection with abducting and raping a woman was convicted of the charges against Wednesday.

Vincent Smith, 25, who also referred to himself as Sherman Smith and Guardian of Sacred Forces Yohan Bic Flame, was convicted of rape, two counts of criminal confinement and one count each of criminal deviate conduct, auto theft and attempted robbery.

Smith attacked the woman in September 2011 as she was loading things in her car to catch her flight to the Indianapolis International Airport.

A month prior to the sexual assault, Smith is accused of stabbing an 18-year-old woman multiple times before setting her west side house on fire.  Smith will face a separate trial for the attempted murder charge.

Smith, who represented himself in the abduction and rape case, will be sentenced on Jan. 8.


  • Tim

    This lunatic is obviously completely deranged, a psychopathic who should never be allowed on the street again, EVER. Hopefully, other cons will get tired of his insanity very quickly and take the scumbag out for good. They wonder why folks are leaving Indy, this guy is a big reason.

  • Rusty Belle

    “A man arrested in connection with abducting and raping a woman was convicted of the charges against Wednesday”

    Who is Wednesday, and why is Smith being convicted of the charges against them? :-P

  • John Browning

    He will be out in 5-10 years and return to doing the same things.

    If he shoots someone people will blame the gun industry and call for tighter control despite him not using a legal gun.

    Yet nobody will blame the legal system that didn't keep him where he belongs… PRISON! Maybe we should stop trying to band-aid our problems with laws that the crazies and criminals ignore and instead start keeping dangerous people away from society.

    Mark my word… he will be convicted to 10-20 years and be out in 5-10. He will commit another crime within 6 months of being released.

  • Aunt Tena

    Deserves to be castrated. Makes me sick how he finds it ok to attack women and ruin their lives and families. I am just glad the stupid son-of-a B*!@& was caught. The cops should have shot his pecker off instead of his hand

  • Khorla

    I feel sorry for his parents and family members and he should be worried about whoever he harmed family member isn't incarcerated in the same jail he'll be in.

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