Security guard suing Kroger, manager following fatal shooting of would-be robber

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The security guard who was held at gun point during an attempted robbery at a Kroger is suing the grocery store chain and a former store manager.

Christine Nelson said she’s suffered extreme mental anguish and emotional distress from witnessing the killing of Jeremy Atkinson.

The shooting happened the day after Christmas, last year at the 71st Street and Georgetown Road store.

Elijah “Levi” Elliot used his own gun to shoot the would-be robber. The Marion County Prosecutor said the manager acted in self-defense when Atkinson ran toward him.

Kroger has also been sued for wrongful death by Atkinson’s mother.

The company has a policy against employees bringing guns onto store property. Elliot resigned from the store about a month after the shooting.


  • Debbie

    Wow. That is totally absurd. Some people will do anything to get free money. Who would her family sue if the robber would have killed her? What a shame. The robber's Mom suing? This country is lawsuit crazy.. Hope neither one of them get a stinking penny. I'd be so ashamed if I was the robber's Mother the last thing I would do is bring attention to myself by filing a lawsuit. Pitiful. I guess all we can do is pray for them.

  • bruno eddington

    it's not just her, it's the ambulance chasing system behind her, pushing her into it. and the mamie, lawyers whispering in her ear…sure, go right ahead with a lawsuit, they'll probably want to settle out of court anyway! and you know what that means…the ACLU can't be can't be far away!

    • Kimberley

      It IS her and her alone. Her moral compass should be calibrated enough to know that had it not been for Levi, she would be the dead security guard no one knew the name of.

  • Delain Carroll

    Maybe the manager should sue the mother 4 having an idiot child + allowing him 2 go out in2 the world + try + rob a store! He should then sue the security guard 4 not performing the job they hired her 4! Id like 2 be on the juries + after I award the max 2 the manager! I will file 2 more lawsuits against the guard + the mother 4 being so stupid that I had 2 waste my time which cost me the lotto! If I didnt have 2 serve on the juries I would have bought the winning ticket!!!

  • Kimberley

    Levi,.. Indiana supports you. You risked your life to save Christine's and countless others and although she is unable and unwilling to show you gratitude for saving her life, Hoosiers thank you, even though it appears at this time she is a societal leech, but I digress. Christine Nelson: was it difficult watching a man die so you could live? Will money make you feel better? Is your life so worthless that you can only find the will to survive in the Almighty Dollar? Christine Nelson: your name will forever be remembered as the ungrateful, money-grubbing security guard who was so inept at her job, she risked the lives of others and had to have sweet Levi come and save your pitiful little life. Have fun with that. Kiss kiss.

    • 1357924680

      Levi- Kimberly is right. We support you! Thank you for coming to the rescue of Christine. What you did takes courage and we commend you for that. I am so sorry for what you must be going thru. People are NOT thinking about what you must be going thru, knowing you took someone's life. You did it for all the right reasons, but I know that is not what you ever thought you would be doing that day or ever. You will be dealing with that for the rest of your life. Why do people not see that? Start looking at others, and don't be so self-absorbed. God bless you and may you be able to come to terms with this some day. Take care. My thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone involved in this tragedy.

  • troy

    Wow…this is total bullshit…my wife is a manager at a kroger store here in indiana…also on the night shift…n they have a off duty cop for security….is this a rent a cop….must be…u should be thankfull ur ass is here…that manager could have turned his back…..u knew the risk involved in taking that job…i hope to god u loose ur case…..u weasell..

  • hush

    Im glad they both are suing, rules are rules, and laws are laws…. levi fucked up, whether he saved her or not. had he just handed money over, maybe Nobody would have been hurt. Bank tellers dont carry guns…during robberies they do as they are told, hoping for the best outcome… but levi could have shot the security guard or the other woman. and that would have been an even bigger lawsuit. He knows he was wrong, why do u think he resigned, simple people i swear. I hope they win their cases!

    • Danny

      REALLY!!! ARE YOU RETARDED???? I bet you were raised in a fancy little house with a white picket fence and a dog named Lassie! Levi did what the security guard was paid to do. And as far as the rules, they don't apply when it comes to criminals! What do you think they should have done that night, sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya?

    • The wise one

      Your an idiot hush… whata coulda bull crap… whata coulda this robber took them in the back an started putting bullets in peoples heads.. how about that.. rules are rules moron.. you rob a place plan on getting shot how about that hush?

    • Kimberley

      The only person "hurt" was the criminal, as it should be. The FACTS are this thug held Christine at gunpoint, an obvious sign he was prepared to use any means necessary to take money that does not belong to him. Levi didn't kill him because he wanted money, he killed him because Christine's life was in peril. What do you suggest Hush, that whenever a criminal threatens someone's life, that we just submit? Would that make it easier for you to take what does not belong to you? Fair warning: Citizens are sick and tired of lazy, worthless nubs taking what does not belong to them because they can't muster up a bead of sweat to work for it themselves. Laws are laws, huh? Did you skip over the law that states you aren't allow to rob people? The lawsuit will never fly. Do you know why? Because no thoughtful jury will ever pay a criminals family taxpayer money because he died during a crime. As far as Christine, I guess having a gun pointed to her head didn't affect her emotional state quite like watching the man who held her hostage die. Seems a tad bit absurd, doesn't it?

      • Shyla

        The guy never had a people need to get the facts straight..That's why his mother won the case, because he never had a GUN…

    • Wow

      I hope someone puts you in a position that you wished someone like this stepped up to save your life…I bet you sit at home collecting disability too because the system owes it to you

  • 'Thor'

    This is why tort reform is so badly needed, to stop all these senseless lawsuits that clog up our court system and these idiots looking for an easy payday. Good grief.

  • penny

    At least ur still alive lady… Everyone wants free money and its because of people like her tht ruins it for others. Grow up and stop acting like a kid thank the man tht ur alive and pray for the images to leave ur mind.

  • netteinindy

    This is rediculous! I shop at this store all the time and am quite glad the manager did what he did!!!! She could have ended up dead instead of traumatized!! Don't sue the hand that saved you!

  • John

    Thank you Levi for your Courage…and mother of the Robber and Security guard-Get a life and buy a lottery ticket if you need money….Let's pay Levi for the damages he's suffered…He gave up his Job so the security guard could live and NO other lives would be lost…..That robber (son) knew when he walked in that store to rob it it, losing his life was one outcome….BAD choice…I hope the NEXT person that gets ready to rob someplace or someone realizes that…..GUNS for the GOOD people and this will ALL stop

  • Terrie

    Question: Was the security guard armed? If not, what exactly was she supposed to do? Poke him in the eye while he had a gun to her head?

  • Jason J

    How about the guy did nothing, and the robber shot you. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about your poor mental anguish, because you’d be dead. This is completely ridiculous, and she is just trying to get money. Might as well lie about getting hurt during a stage collapse. Karma will get you!

    • Terrie

      If you have a conscience at all, there WOULD be anquish at the killing of or the viewing of a real live human being being shot and dying. It's not a movie. It's real life. The guy isn't gonna get up and walk away. And most of the time, shooting victims don't just drop dead like in the movies. There is time between being shot and being dead. Usually filled with a lot of screaming and blood. Not defending the guy because he WAS in the wrong. And I don't think the manager should have quit, or been forced to quit. The guard should be entitled to psychological therapy paid for by whatever company she worked for without suing anyone.

  • Joe

    As far as the manager carrying a gun, remember folks the new laws that the idiots in the State Legaislature passed regarding employees being allowed to have guns in their cars at work and also bringing guns into athletic events?!?? Even the Colts owner was against that baby. Yes, the Indiana Legistlature is full of idiots. You get what you vote for.

    • Rick

      Sorry Joe, YOU are the idiot, since like a good liberal you don't know the facts. Yes, employees may now keep their LEGAL weapons in their vehicles, in their cars while at work. That allows them to have protection, coming to, and going home from their employment. A VERY good understanding of the Constitution and the Second Amendment ! As far as athletic events, you must have your own head up your posterior, since the legislature did not, and could not rule on that. Lucas Oil, Bankers Life, college venues, etc. have the right to post those venues as "no firearms" and they do. Yes, we get what we vote for, but we also get what uneducated IDIOTS like you vote for.

  • Gods child

    All of you with the negative comments.He who have the most sin seems to always cast the first stone.Be thankful that your closet secrets havent made it to the internet.GOD BLESS

  • AlBriggs

    The man not only saved some lives, he also saved the state the money it would have had to spend to keep that vermin alive in prison.
    Good job, Mr. Elliott.
    Christine and the mother of that dead peice of trash: Get a life!

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