Snow trucks in full force for first winter storm

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After a mild year, winter is finally making a comeback. Indy Snow Force is in full-force, 90 trucks in total, with plenty of salt and ready to go.

The Department of Public Works said snow truck drivers will be working through Thursday night as long as the forecast calls for it. They focused more on salting bridges and hills Thursday evening.

“I’m just worried we’re going to be hit now with several weeks of cold weather,” said Jeff Bates from Indianapolis.

It’s too early to tell now but crews aren’t taking any chances. INDOT is also adding more manpower.

“With those high winds and those low temperatures, we could have some issues with keeping the bridges under control,” said Nathan Riggs, INDOT Media Relations Director.

For those with the less heavy-duty work, hardware stores are keeping a good supply of shovels and ice-melt in stock.

“Bring on the storm,” said Steve Service, who works in sales at Ace Hardware in Nora. “Traffic is busy once we get going. It’s all hands on deck. I’m expecting putting more orders once the weather picks up.”

Before that even happens, those who drive all through the year have a warning.

“A lot of these people drive too fast to be honest,” said Anthony Frederick, a truck driver. “They’re just going to end up wiping out. That’s what you’ll probably see.”

Many roads won’t be pre-treated for ice because of the recent rain. It would end up washing away whatever brine or salt is put down.