Winter weather finally arrives in Central Indiana

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Strong winds were felt throughout Central Indiana Thursday afternoon.

Natasha Williams, who lives off College Avenue, struggled to keep her holiday inflatables on her yard. The wind carried them away.

“I guess I’ll be traveling around the neighborhood, re-packing up my inflatables, but I put them out (and) I’m going to leave them up,” Williams said.

Williams could be seen dragging the displays back onto her yard, securing them into the ground.

“What are you going to do? It’s Christmas,” Williams said.

Throughout the day, it rained and it was windy.

Even though snow was expected, it didn’t make a difference for Peg Bettenhausen. She was shopping at Sullivan Hardware off Keystone Avenue. She was not looking for supplies to treat snow, though.

“I’ve got one of those scoopy things and there must be about three snow shovels that can be used,” Bettenhausen said.

Bettenhausen said she planned to wait it out.

“If I can’t blast out of the garage, I don’t need to go (anywhere). Yeah, I don’t think it’ll be that bad. My brother (is) up in Southern Wisconsin. I think they’ll get it,” she said.

Sullivan Hardware Owner Pat Sullivan said their store has plenty of ice melt, shovels, and de-icers left over from last season.

“It (has) been so warm that there just hasn’t been much movement yet. I assume that’s going to change soon,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan believes people still have supplies from last year because the winter season was mild.

“Maybe they need to actually see a little snow and ice before they actually buy some,” Sullivan said.