Drivers reacquainted with slushy, icy snow Friday

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The first snowfall caused some drivers trouble Friday.

Dan McQuiston stalled, trying to leave a neighborhood after delivering a pizza. He was not the only person who had trouble.

“It was just slow going, really. I just had to continually push on the gas, slowly inch my way up,” McQuiston said.

Jesse Angel, with Elite Property Management, drove to several neighborhoods Friday afternoon, salting roads.

“We just put down some salt at the entrances here so, people can get in and out,” Angel said.

People described several roads as slushy and wet.

“The highways were better than the streets. The streets are sort of slushy and it’s hard to stop,” Jason Howard said.

If people were not driving Friday, they were at home. They were, more than likely, shoveling snow out of the way.

“Getting ready for my wife to come home. I don’t like for her to drive in, trying to drive through snow, trying to make it safe for both of us,” Anthony Birdsong said.

The Department of Public Works has 39 crews putting salt on city streets. They are monitoring roads because temperatures are expected to drop overnight.

“As of now, crews will monitor to see if they need to increase drivers. We’ll stay with it,” said Lesley Malone, DPW Public Information Officer.

INDOT crews have also been busy, treating highways. The wind kept pushing snow onto the interstates and state roads. The north-south state roads have given many people trouble.

“With the temperature dropping, it might freeze the roads. Indiana’s good for freezing up,” Howard said.

Drivers have been asked to drive carefully.

“Hopefully, everybody takes their time and drives safely. Unfortunately, in the world that we live in, right now, everybody’s in a hurry and in a rush,” Birdsong said.