Indiana mom takes on NRA and gun control debate

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The National Rifle Association held a press conference Friday, exactly one week after the school tragedy in Newtown. They offered to place armed guards at schools to protect teachers and administrators. Critics argue that doesn’t really address the issue of gun control.

Shannon Watts is a mom and she’s angry.

“Nothing happened after Virginia Tech, nothing happened after Gabby Giffords, nothing happened after Aurora,” Watts said.  “It is enough.  Something is going to happen now and it’s going to be led by moms.”

Watts started One Million Moms for Gun Control on Facebook.  In five days, her Facebook page blew up into a nationwide movement of moms in 50 states who say they want a common sense approach to gun control.

“We have to put a limit on the amount of ammunition people can buy,” said Watts.  “I can’t go buy unlimited amounts of fertilizer or Sudafed.  But, I can buy an unlimited amount of ammunition. It isn’t common sense.”

Watts said she waited and wanted the head of the NRA to offer something meaningful to the gun control debate after the Newtown School shooting.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy,” said NRA Executive President Wayne LaPierre.

Watts couldn’t believe it.

“It couldn’t have been less meaningful,” Watts said.  “It was actually a call to arms.”

LaPierre called for a comprehensive school shield program, “from armed security to building design and access control to information technology to student and teacher training.”

“We don’t want to have to put bulletproof backpacks on our children,” Watts said.  “Put holsters around them and send them into some siloed school with bullet proof glass and armed guards.”

Watts said she doesn’t want to ban guns but she is calling for the reinstatement of the ban on assault weapons and related magazines. She also wants to close gun show loopholes that encourage private gun sales without background checks.

“He (LaPierre) is going to have a Tsunami of 84 million angry mothers coming at him and at Congress and we will not let this go,” Watt said.


  • Richard Fiscus

    Like Shannon Watts "Zionsville mom's crusade urges gun control", I am appalled and very saddened by the evil that was brought upon Newtown last Friday. At the same time I am sickened by the direction that our country has been steered to, by many of those same people now crying out for gun control.
    We have taken God out of virtually every part of the United States. Most schools are at the forefront of that movement, to be "politically correct". We don't require personal responsibility and accountability it seems. We move towards extreme cultures with same sex marriages, nudity in the streets of San Francisco, drugs now being legalized in certain states as well as the excessive trash coming out of Hollywood, along with extremely violent video games. To the forefront is the decline of nuclear families, with both parents raising and disciplining the children. These killings have much more to do with a decline of our society and morals, not the "gun culture", as those like Watts will have you believe.
    It is disheartening that those on the gun control bandwagon don't understand that gun control is not the issue at all. We have armed guards protecting our money at the banks, we have armed guards at jewelry stores and at most sporting functions. It is time that we have armed protection within our schools, whether it be trained teachers and administration or paid security.
    Firearms in the hands of the law abiding citizen, where gun control is aimed, is not the problem at all. Moral and societal decline and the unwillingness of our judicial system to properly use laws already on the books is.
    For Watts to come up with something as lame as “I can’t go buy unlimited amounts of fertilizer or Sudafed" is laughable. Sorry, but yes you can buy as much fertilizer as you want. Maybe not ammonium nitrate, but she would not know that because she has NO facts behind ANY of her arguement. Those of us who FULLY support the Second Amendment and the Constitution prefer to stay within the facts.

      • Richard Fiscus

        Please explain. Your opinion is the norm for the liberal idea that gun control laws have any effect on crime. There have been drug laws, laws against murder, rape, assault, robbery, on an on. Do you REALLY think that more gun laws will bother the criminal element?? It is those with absolutely NO sense of what is REALLY wrong with this society, like yourself, that are the problem. Most notably, our politicians !

      • Bryan

        Richard- you need some major help. I hope you get the help you need. There is something seriously wrong with you. – Asshole

      • Not blinded

        Yes Richard missed the boat in this country when it comes to long term planning for better future generations.Could you imagine what the mind set of future generations would be like filled with adults who grew up with armed guards in in their schools. America would be a very hostile place to live because now the adults holding the guns will also be demented like Richard. Sorry Richard, I don't mean to be so hard on you but it's all true. I hope you get help not only for yourself but for the sake of our country too. Assault rifles have to go for reasons stated in the reply to fury by Not blinded. Thanks Brian for giving us conviction and the truth.

    • Jim

      Why don't you look at the difference some restrictions have in other countries. The evidence
      is clear, fewer guns and amo on the streets equates to fewer deaths. When will Americans face this
      overwhelming evidence and stop being blinded by the twisted logic the NRA is feeding them. Who is the NRA, they represent the greed of manufacturers of death. The US has 270 million firearms.
      This is insane denial.

      • Bryan

        You are a hill billie from Indiana… of course you agree with Richard. You all are nuts. May God Bless you all. I agree, we need to help people with mental illness- clearly that is RIchard's problem.

    • William

      One look at her LinkedIn profile you can see she is a serial "cause dejour" type. She'll end up taking a "administrative" stipin for her efforts as this latest commercial project gathers traction. An additional freedom she lives with. You can legaly leech off society. As well as society's emotions.

    • Bryan

      Richard – you are an ass! Why should we not limit the type of weapons citizens are allowed to purchase? Why does an everyday, average citizen need an assault rifle? They need them to kill innocent people- not to defend themselves. You obviously do not have children and you do not have a heart. God bless your soul. You need all the prayers you can get. Shame on you for being a moran!!!! Sudafed is kept off shelves at a pharmacy, because too much sudafed is dangerous… You are telling me that too much amunition is not dangerous. You are a joke. You are the problem in society… do us a favor- seek professional help.

    • Not blinded

      If you think this is what america needs to instill values and morals in our kids to form better future generations your nuts. You missed the boat somewhere in your life.Americans can and will live among each other peacefully. People with your train of thought will and should become obsolete. This is an upstanding country that will get though this with decent y and moral integrity.Please help yourself and this country by digging deep down inside to see the decent truth.We need to outlaw the assault rifle for reasons given in the reply to Fury by Not blinded.No one is going to take all our guns away, just the assault rifle.

  • Fury

    This woman and those like her will get more children killed with their one sighted ignorance, do they really thing that "bad" guys go to walmart to buy their ammo? she needs to spend a week on the real streets of USA then give us her opinion

    • Brenda

      YES bad guys do buy ammo at Walmart and they also buy on line or at gun shows that don't check…we don't know who the bad guys are and we also don't know what bad guys have guns..there is not a database for either.. we have a database for pedophiles but not for gun users or Mental health….we are not wanting to take guns away!!!!!! all we are asking for is gun SAFETY!!!! For God sakes we have safety precautions for drugs, food, cars, there is place for the safety of the public why would you not want SAFETY for guns…???? except for that the NRA has scared and put into the heads of gun owners that the big bad Government wants to take them away….gun owners are very smart people and know what guns can do rip through the hides of animals just think hard what it did to the 6 & 7 years body when they got shot up to 11 times….

    • Not blinded

      Your the one that's not living in the real world. Those kids were destined to die years ago, when the ban on assault rifles was allowed to expire under the bush term.The assault rifle looks and feels like a military gun meant to kill people. Some mentally ill and criminally minded people have a deranged instinct to use this gun to kill other people.That sick person didn't kill those those kids,we all did for allowing the nra to push for its legalization .We should all hang our heads down low in shame.If we don't outlaw the assault rifle and more kids are killed with it, we will truly be a sick society with no excuse. I purposely used lower case letters on nra because they are lower case cowards.Oh yes, I am an avid hunter. Fury, your name says it all,open your eyes, go get help before you contribute to more kids deaths.

  • Watson Prunier, SOC

    Thanks Richard. I am so tired of people yelling about gun control! They tried to prohibit alcohol. We see how that worked. They tried to prohibit marijuana, cocaine and heroin with similar results. Parents tried to prohibit contraceptives and sex education but they told us we had no right to interfere. They tell us that we have no right to tell them what to do with their bodies so they can have as many abortions as they desire. They do want us to tell them that same-sex marriage is wrong!

    YET, they can tell us what guns we can and can't buy! How hypocritical! If they want to kill children on the abortion table, how dare they tell us that we cannot own guns. Utter hypocrisy!

    • bigforkgirl

      God was in Sandy Hook comforting all. There were many prayers in Sandy Hook. "We don't require personal responsibility or accountability." Come to my school-everyone is held accountable and responsible. Kids who act up are immediately removed from the classroom and sent to a time out room for the rmainder of the period, or more, depending on their offense. Others are suspended. Others are expelled. Teachers are held accountable for the achievement of the students, and are held accountable for using best practices. My suggestion: stop reading NRA talking points and start listening to the rest of America. And don't mess with the Moms. We are extremely powerful, we vote in huge numbers, and outnumber you by a 100 million at least.

      • Rick Fiscus

        I don't "read" the NRAs talking points. I SEE what is happening in this country and it is not good. Are there good teachers, yes, and there are bad teachers and bad schools. There IS a decline of our society because of the removal of God from the schools, the removal of the Ten Commandments from just about everywhere, violence and evil in about everything Hollywood puts out, music that is sickening to listen to. OK, so the kids are held accountable to the schools but what about the kids AND the schools being accountable to GOD?? I believe that you will find that there are MANY moms that prefer to have their children protected.

    • Brenda

      they do regulate women's bodies and tell us if we can buy birth control… and now yes in the Constitution it states that all women can get legal abortions, but in every state they want to regulate abortions because they kill…… so they tell women that they HAVE to have a vaginal ultra sound without our permission…. but we can't ask for gun SAFETY laws because it's a constitutional right to have one…talk about hypocritical ……oh but that is just a women's right that has been taken away, this is our guns!!!!!

  • Patricia

    Well said Richard from a Mother who is all in favor of the my rights to bare arms what this Woman and i use that term Lightly should be focused on is Health Care i bet she has full coverage and doesnt have to worry about it

    • KJJ

      Right. You cannot even SPELL the words quoted in the 2nd amendment correctly and we are supposed to trust you with a firearm? How do we know that YOU are not the "Bad Guy"?

    • CommonSenseMom901

      You absolutely have a right to bare arms. Just make sure you wear sunscreen to avoid skin cancer. You may want to consider getting a GED also.

    • CJR

      And if the NRA has their way we are going to need health care for sure. Lots more GSWs. As a mother, do you really need 30 round clips? How many times have you had to use all 30 rounds????? That's some neighborhood you must live in….

  • TiredofFools

    Do you think she would have a different point of view if a man broke into her house and raped her and killed her and her children while she tried to call 911? I'm guessing yes but with this type of liberal gun hating individual, you just never know. Instead of pushing for more mental health care for the mentally ill which would help prevent tragedies like last weeks shooting, she picks the easy path and pushes for gun bans which will leave thousands more defenseless.

    • bigforkgirl

      And I assume you have been pushing for easy access to mental health care? And have voted to increase taxes to pay for it?

    • bigforkgirl

      Hello. Liberals own guns. Liberals hunt. What we hate is 15,000 plus gun suicides every year, almost all males, 10,000 plus murders every year, and the 2000 plus unintentional deaths, you know the kind where a child plays with a loaded gun and shoots his sister.

    • Brenda

      will you people get off the gun BAN thing!!!!!! no one is asking for gun BANS, what people are ASKING are for gun SAFETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the NRA have you all so scared of the big bad boogie man Government!! Why is it ok to take away human rights and women's rights but you are so high on your horse about guns…Women have a constitutional right to have abortions but they are removing that right in eery State….because it kills… but it is ok for EVERYONE to own a gun that kills 26 people in 10 minutes…

  • John

    If bad guys have assault rifles with high capacity magazines, why should I only be allowed to defend myself with a six shot revolver?

    • bigforkgirl

      That's the point, John. Fewer assault rifles, fewer high capacity clips and we will over time get the ones out there already out of civilian circulation.

    • Brenda

      but the NRA want teachers to carry revolvers!!! It's all about looks right? If they see that they have a gun they won't come into the school and shoot up kids! Oh that's going to work isn't it? Why don't go live in Iraq or Syria if you want to carry a weapon all the time or have a assault weapon. I choose to have gun SAFETY not to take away guns…

    • CJR

      The "bad guys" get them from people who buy them legally. You act like the world consists of two easily classified groups of good and bad. With these mass shootings, often the perpetrator is someone who had no criminal record up until the time they started shooting. People get angry, make mistakes. With an Ar 15 in hand, those mistakes can cost many lives. Gun activists act like people are only killed with guns by hardened criminals, when in reality it is more likely to be a relative, friend or employee. If we all should carry Bushmasters as the NRA suggests, it seems to me that whoever shoots first wins. because when 30 rounds are coming your way, you really don't stand much of a chance of returning fire.

      • Richard Fiscus

        Please tell me what you know about AR 15s , Bushmasters, Glocks. etc. How many rounds a minute, muzzle velocity, what type of ammo it will accept and feed system. Bad guys also get them from Eric Holder and Barak Obama and kill Border Guards with them. You really present yourself as a liberal when you tell the lie that the NRA is saying that we all should carry Bushmasters. Please present that "fact" on this thread if you would.

  • Judy wolven

    This shooting had little to do with guns, more to do with mental issues. The guns were his mothers and she had them legally. Changing designs of school, etc seems likely not to happen. Why not put veterans on guard at schools and places that are vulnerable.
    This is our right to bear arms, please think hard about the constitution of the USA. Think of where most of these shootings have taken place. Common denominator is "no guns allowed".

    • Kenneth Shock

      That is what we have been talking about at work, use a National Guardsperson or Reservist, to stand at the school.

    • CJR

      Actually, in terms of overall gun deaths, very few occur in gun free zones. Most occur elsewhere. And in fact, most schools changed their entrances years ago to make them more secure. There are locked doors with an entry to the office only. No one, even parents, can enter without first checking in. Unfortunately, the shooter in Conn. had a Bushmaster AR-15 and shot his way through the school's door. Should schools also get doors that look like a bank vault's? And will you pay for it? Take these highly lethal weapons off the table. There were 2 armed guards at Columbine. How well do you think that worked out?

      • Richard Fiscus

        Again, you do not present the REAL facts. Two facts, Aurora, CO ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gun free zone…………Newtown……………gun free zone. If we need to put "bank vault" doors on our schools to protect our children then let's do it. Makes much more sense to use our tax dollars in that way than to support a green energy firm that does nothing for society before it goes bankrupt. For that matter, we send BILLIONS of dollars overseas (ALL BORROWED MONEY) to supposedly help other countries. Would it not be better to use that money for the purpose of protecting our own childre?

    • Bryan

      Yes, you are right Judy. Anyone who feels there shouldn't be tighter regulations on gun control is most likely suffering from some type of mental illness. I hope you receive the help you need. You are an idiot!

    • Richard Fiscus

      I agree !! Go get the REAL facts as to how many LEGALLY armed citizens of this country have protected themselves and others when criminals have assaulted them with ILLEGALLY carried weapons. The facts are there for all to see if you choose to follow the truth.

    • jsutton

      funny. I noticed the same thing about gun lovers. One lovely mother just mentioned her right to bare arms. I don't think she was referring to her summertime apparel.

      • Richard Fiscus

        We are not talking about spelling bees here. I have noticed many more mistakes in understanding the problem from gun control advocates than from Second Amendment supporters.

  • Kelly

    Thank you Shannon Watts for speaking up and taking action. I too was hoping that the NRA would take an approach that would make us all want to work together toward the same goal. I do not understand why, at the bare minimum, they would not at least suggest that we close the 'gun show loopholes'. Do people realize what is going on at these shows – why wouldnt the NRA and the licensed dealers want to fix that? Why wouldnt they want to make sure that 'straw purchasers' and those unable to pass background checks were not their customers? Only one answer really fits here – MONEY. The gun manufacturers and the dealers just want to sell guns, the accessories and ammunition, period. And the NRA is financed by them.

    Points to consider…if the AR-15 was not available for sale, his mother would not have had one. If an armed officer had been in that school, there would likely be 27 dead as the bullets used can penetrate a vest and he would very easily been the first one shot and had firepower far inferior to the shooter (this statement from a law enforcement officer). If the principal had had a gun, it likely would have been locked up in her office while she was in a meeting with a parent and other school administrators unless of course you can picture it just sitting there on the conference table or maybe holstered to her side? Please think these things through.

    I am for the right to own guns for sport, hunting and personal protection. I enjoy the shooting range and will continue to do so. I do not see any reason whatsoever for a citizen not involved in the military or in law enforcement to own a rapid-fire/military style/assault/semi-automatic weapon or its accessories or ammunition.

    I feel that the solution to our nation's gun violence problem will be multi-faceted to include mental health, sensible gun laws and tackling our 'culture of violence' in video games and the like. Apparently our President feels the same. He is our President – as a citizen you should be respectful whether you voted for him or not.

    No measures will completely solve the problem, we all realize that. There will always be criminals, mentally ill individuals and a black market. But we can make it a LOT more difficult for anyone to get their hands on the weapons that are capable of killing so many so quickly. Call it what you will and of course some people don't know the difference but the semi-automatic weapons that have been involved in the majority of these mass killings are capable of firing 30-100 bullets in ONE MINUTE or less. That is the fact that people remember and care about. I have not heard ONE SINGLE elected official talk about taking away all the guns so please quit acting and speaking like that is even a possibility.

    We must do try to do something. If we do nothing, we will look back in 20 yrs and wonder why nothing has changed. Thank you for your support of my right to my opinion and actions. I hope you will join me in deciding to behave in a civil manner with those who have a different opinion.

    • Bill

      Just remember that the gun control you advocate has more to do with Control than guns, we have already given inroads to freedoms ( ie: the patriot act) that will never be regained. So I hope all you zealots on the political bandwagon of correctness will wake up and realize that it's a people problem that is a result of the vast moral decay in this country. There are too many people in this country who have no regard for rules , morals and responsibility for their actions, a good example: speed limit ( a Law) 55 mph try to go that speed and see where you are at, back of the pack and about to be run over. Just one example of folks that would tell you they are Law Abiding citizens while they are zooming by you at 70 mph in a 55 mph zone, under your argument we must do something about those cars huh. Get your millions of moms out there to advocate raising your children instead of using tv's and video games for babysitters, and please o please go after getting rid of those darn cars for they kill more people and children than any gun. If you don't see the real problem here it's because you are part of it.

    • Curtis

      The NRA DID suggest closing those loopholes and make it more restrictive for buyers to get these guns in the first place. The reason we should be allowed to own them? Because of the government. WE THE PEOPLE have to be able to defend ourselves against a corrupt government. If they have these weapons and will use them against us wrongly, then we should have the right to own them to protect ourselves against such a corrupt government, it's in the Constitution. That's why it's in the Constitution. Or would you rather be like Obummer and trash our Constitution?

    • Lee

      Kelly, your response is the first sane one I've seen. Most responses have been knee-jerk politics 'Ban All Guns' or 'Ban all Violent Video Games'. The one thing, however, that isn't being addressed is the loss of family and loss of parenting. We have gone to the two-income family; wages have not kept pace with cost of living (despite what the government tells you) so it requires two incomes to keep a home. When I was a child, only one income was needed; typically mom stayed home with the kids. She was there when they got home home from school, and both parents were typically home for dinner. Families spent time together. Today, companies are demanding 'more from less', both parents are working—and if they're home, they're still working much of the time. The kids are left to the electronic babysitters—TV, Video Games, Computers, Smartphones–with little to no supervision. They're alone, abstracted from interpersonal interaction, and growing up with minimal social skills. Worse, a majority of children are growing up in single parent homes, futher confusing the concept of 'family' in their minds.

      In addition to the Mental Health issues, and controlling access to these types of weapons, we have to address the Family issues.

    • Bill

      i whole heartedly disagree Kelly. I didn't vote for him. I don't agree with his policies. And his administration had been pushing for more gun control for 4 years. And you need to stoip and think, If they start controlling 1 gun and everyone hops on that bandwagon. What will stop them from banning the rest!!! Once a precedence is set What will stop him????? I should be able to own any weapon i choose. I'm a law abiding permit carrying citizen of the United States. It is my constitutional right… This is the administration that sold these same types of guns with the same magazines to mexican drug cartels that killed many mexican and american citizens… Now they should be banned! Just another incidence of him sensationalizing a tragedy to push his adgenda!!

    • nat

      hey stupid you cant buy anything at a gun show with out a back ground check im a mom and i know this cause i raise my kids to know right and wrong about them. DO YOU TEACH YOUR KIDS GUN SAFETY i bet not. i have been raised around guns my whole life!! and for your info a simi auto gun is one pull of a trigger and only one bullet. a full automatic is one pull of the trigger and multiple bullets get it right!

    • Not blinded

      Right on, please look at Not blinded reply to fury and others.Thank You for your integrity and common sense.

  • Richard Fiscus

    A sensible opinion should start with the statement that the NRA is one of the last groups in this country that truthfully supports the Constitution as it is written. It should also educate those uninformed on weapons that a semi-automatic weapon fires ONE shot with every pull of the trigger. It does not fire in rapid succession (fully automatic). In many opinions, an armed teacher, principal, or other employee could have had a very good chance at stopping or minimizing the horror that took place. Please understand that the perpetrator was NOT a trained specialist ! He "announced" himself by shooting his way in, which would have given even a minimally trained individual the chance to secure a position and return fire, most likely stopping the assault at that point. I, and MANY others have "thought things through" and we would prefer the option to have at least the same firepower as the criminal element which WILL procure them in one way or the other. Possibly even from our own government……….See "Fast and Furious" or Eric Holder for more info on that !! I am sorry that I feel no need to respect Obama. The most transparent administration is I believe what he said and the opposite is true. I FULLY respect the office of the president, but in NO way do I need to respect the person holding it. I also have not heard ONE elected official talking about taking away guns………………I have heard MANY. Again, these and other killings in this country are a travesty, but they are NOT commited by the law abiding citizens of this country. If you would have an idea how to get the criminal element to comply with your new "gun control" I, and MANY others would like to hear it. And yes, we should do something. We should stop ALL gun free zones where these tragedies take place.

    • bigforkgirl

      Guns were used to murder over 10,000 people last year, and this number are murdered every year. How is that working for you? There are many guns in Canada, but their gun death rate is about the same as their knife death rate. Maybe we should learn from them.

    • Brenda

      very funny, were are you when they are taken rights from others in this Country? taking rights (outlawing) away from workers were we you? When they were taking rights(outlawing) away from Women were you? Were are you when they were taking voters rights away? and now you are here for the guns… 2 out of 3 of these items are constitutional rights……we regulate drugs, food,water, thousands of things, if we didn't people would die everyday…..I guess this is ok ?

      • Rick Fiscus

        Brenda, I believe that you are confusing Constitutional "rights" with certain "laws". No rights were taken from workers when "Right to Work was passed. Actually that law gave MANY the right to work and not fill the unions pockets. What "right" was taken away from women?? The right to KILL an unborn child?? There has been NO rights taken from voters if you are referring to the voter ID laws. Pull up a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and read it, then come back to this conversation.

    • KJJ

      There have been over 100 killings by guns in the past week, how many people have perpetrated gas explosions in the past 10 decades?

  • John P.

    Ok sure ban guns. By the way how about they make all cars only be able to go 80 mph? 14,000 people are killed each by speeding accidents. Why do people need to go 80+ mph anyway?

    • bigforkgirl

      Question: how many times per year are cars used, vs. how many times are guns fired every year outside of shooting ranges? You are compariing apples and oranges. Plus we have engineered cars to make them more safe: safety belts, energy absorbing engine compartments, air bags, roll bars, etc. etc. How much has the gun industry spent on making firearms safer? Answer, none. Because they are not allowed by Congress (NRA $$) to regulate firearms. We just got tobacco controlled, finally, by the FDA. Firearms is the only product not overseen by anyone.

      • John P.

        Actually there are saftey triggers in almost all guns and gun saftey classes are available for baisically free.

    • Brenda

      I actually think that is a great idea…… but no one is BANNING GUNS, for god sakes ….they are ASKING FOR GUN SAFETY AND TO WORK TOGETHER WITH EVERYONE….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CJR

      Quit creating a straw man. No one is advocating banning guns. Common sense suggestions are being made to limit access to weapons more appropriate in war zones.

  • Bronwyn

    This is not about Democrat or Republican. This is not a partisan issue. This is about children. This is about children's safety. There is no reason on Earth why we should allow anyone to own an assault rifle in this country. No reason. Shotguns for hunting, sure. Handguns for protection, yes. Assault rifles are intended to kill large numbers of people in a very short period of time. They should be BANNED. Ask yourselves what kind of country you want your children to be living in 10 years, 20 years from now. I am an Independent and I support this measure. Anyone with a modicum of common sense will do so, as well.

    • Kenneth Shock

      When you take the assault rifle away the crazies will use rifles, take those away they will use shotguns, take those away they will use pistols, take those away they will use knives………

    • bill

      absolutely dissagree. And you shouldn t be able to decide what a law abiding citizen of this country should be able to own….. These weapons are already on the streets and in the neighborhoods….Howe exactly is banning them now going to help??

  • Concerned Citizen

    No matter what law you create, there are milliins of assault rifles already out there. Restrictions don't fix problems. I vote birth control be mandatory til 21 and it be illegal to have children out of wedlock. Bring God back. Pray in school. I could go on but the point is, guns aren't the issue.

    • bigforkgirl

      Australia spent $500,000 to buy back assault type weapons and they passed a law prohibiting the import and manufacture of them. They have had 0 mass shootings since. And, they passed this new law within 15 days of the horrific killings.

      • Richard Fiscus

        Australia's new gun laws required that gun buyers present a “genuine reason” for needing each weapon at the time of the purchase. Self-defense did not count. Really, self defense doesn't count?? Do you think that we have enough police to protect every citizen? The cost of the buyback is closer to 600 million dollars not 500 thousand and that only bought 650 thousand guns. Also, please find and read the research done by Samara McPhedran, a University of Sydney academic on the real facts of the results.

    • Brenda

      well that may not be possible if the GOP gets its way….they want to take away birth control and make it illegal. what about that? Even though every women in this Country by the CONSTITUTION has a right to a safe and legal abortion, every State or close to it has passed laws against it, where are you when it comes to saving the Constitutional rights for women on this? It is called selective Constitutional rights……mostly men have this right to select certain rights out of the Constitution and say these are the ones we are going to stand behind and protect….I call this HYPOCRITICAL !!!!!!!!

      • Richard Fiscus

        Could you please point me to the section of the Constitution or Bill of Rights that says "The right of the women to kill an unborn life" ?? I have been trying to find that but must have a different copy of the Constitution.

  • Ben

    Even if they wanted to ban all assult weapons or high capacity clips, how would they do it? The government can't/ won't stop drugs from coming into this country. They could never find all the stuff that is already out there. All this talk about gun control is nothing more than political grandstanding ! Look to the other topics mentioned above for real solutions to this problem.

    • bigforkgirl

      Of course not, Ben. We do the massive buyback, giving people a chance to get back their investment, and then we require that people register these weapons and clips with law enforcement. We also tax the hell out of the bullets for them (while banning the ones that fragment upon impact). And we require $1,000,000 liability insurance if people still want these things. Failure to follow these laws results in severe penalties.

    • Brenda

      This is what I am trying to say no one wants to BAN GUNS…we can't it's a right…what they are trying to say is that we need to have GUN SAFETY, where we maybe use gun safety locks again, or fine people that don't lockup there guns in safety cabinets.Or take large capacity rounds out of circulation, there are all kinds of ways to make them safe without taking them away… the NRA has everyone so frickin scared that people want to take them away!!! I think that everyone wants guns to be safe and they can…but it will have to take EVERYONE to help … don't out kids deserve it? Don't EVERYONE deserve it!!!!

    • Not blinded

      You give up easy don't you. Other topics, how about all topic including outlawing assault rifles because they generate a deranged instinct in mentally ill and criminally minded people to kill other people with them. All of you na sayers out there need to stop this lunacy and think for the sake of our kids. Please think with decent logic, be smart not oblivious .

  • Ben

    Also, we need to find solutions that fix the problems before before a person even picks up a gun. Nip it in the bud!

  • William

    What is sad here among all this " out rage" is the what reeks the hey look at me mentality. Am I appalled at what has happened in Newtown? Yes. Do I think the whole gun debate needs tweaked ? Yes. But where is the same out rage when our own Government , Obama , sells thousands of assault rifles to drug dealers and criminals? There have been 10 fold and more of deaths because of this. But the same government and media outlets that now have an acceptable agenda only now want to show its "concern".
    This is almost as sickening as dealing with these senseless losses. Shame on the liberal media and shame on Obama. Get some realistic work done on gun control but clean up your own hands first. You have plenty of blood on them.

    • Curtis

      Exactly what I was wondering when Obummer was making his lame comments on tv, what about his blunder of selling those guns and then stone-walling us on what happened.

    • Brenda

      well it's funny you say that after the NRA's grand standing for selling more guns… this is all the NRA said in that pathetic news conference….unlike that NRA. I do think that Obama is thinking a lot about what has taken place in all phases right or wrong.. but at least he admits it…. the NRA just blames everyone but themselves in anyway at all… I thought ( are you kidding me?) Your manufacturing all these guns and selling them 50 fold but that's OK!!! The very group(NRA) and media that you are talking about are the very ones that promote this crap……enough people get killed with these guns there will be a lobby group so big that the NRA won't know what hits them…I am just saying if we take care of this now they might not have to see that wrath down the road…

      • William

        I'm sorry you can't tell the difference between NRA and it's representing the rights of the American citizen and knowingly and hoping that our government can arm drug dealers and cartel members that use them to slaughter entire families.

    • Callan

      Of course, it's all about Obama, how could I not have seen this before? Automatic weapons weren't used, bought or sold in the United States of Dumb until he became President, then he went on a rampage of giving one, two or ten of these lethal weapons to every mentally ill person in your country. He has the absolute and total responsibility for all the deaths from these weapons, before and after he was born, because that's just the guy he is. And the person who holds the weapon and uses it against children has absolutely no responsibility for it at all. That's amazingly clear thinking Willy. You should run for President of the NRA. You're obviously on the same mental level as the clown who is there now.

  • 440york

    NRA definitely is the problem. Media and games add to the equation. But, has anyone gone to the boys size 4-12 section of department stores like Target, Walmart, Penny's, etc.?? I went looking for t-shirts and pajamas for a Little 7 yr old that already is in therapy for behavior issues. What I found were lots of Angry Bird mean looking t-shirts; t-shirts with power, strength, meanness on the front and or represented all over the clothes, like pajamas. These POWER figures and words set the scene in a child's head no matter if he has responsible parents or parents with issues. I found one that actually said "I am a winner' – a positive message. Power rangers, transformer figures, Angry Bird all sound like fun, kids playing around….but, they reflect fighting with power no matter what the consequence. I asked the therapist if these figure on clothes or even the toys would be appropriate for this little boy. She said "definitely not". Just as I thought. I hope a Million Mom's takes on clothing figures also. Children's messages should reflect positive not negative.

    • Bill

      This is the problem… A parent looking for a societal reason for misbehaving children!!!! We need to sorp looking for a place to point a finger and take care of our own family's…. Discipline our children, teach them right from wrong. to respect people. treat others as they want to be treated. And that there are consequences for all of their actions. some are good some are bad.. That not everyone wins or gets awards, That not everyone is "fair". That there are people that don't care about their feelings. Theere are bullies and teach them to deal with it!!

    • BBC

      Oh Yeah 440york "the NRA" is the problem , just another example of some of the dumbass, uninformed(don't wanna be), blame everyone else type of people we have in this former great country. You don't like it…why don't you leave. Try raising your children to grow up a responsible adults by actually putting some effort into being a parent. People are manufacturing these misfits at an alarming rate and they do it by setting their children aside for their own self interests. The vast majority of behavioral problems in children can be attributed to their upbringing, IT'S NOT GENETIC.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Well…spend a little more and get a shirt with no message on it.

      WTF? You expect to spend $2.00 on a shirt and get a quality one?


  • Eddie

    I appreciate this lady making my point. Went to Target two Saturdays ago to buy a nasal decongestant. Took 15 minutes by the time the gal figured out what she had to check to make sure I was who I said i was and my ID confirmed. Felt like a criminal because I had a cold. And I would bet my life that there is no less meth on the street today than there was before they passed the law. It is another example of Johnny ate paste, everybody put your head on your desk. Same would hold true for my guns. Take them away and I would not be able to protect myself from those who would continue to posess them. That would be the bad guys.

    • Richard Fiscus

      Under Bush the program was called "Wide Receiver" , but it was coordinated with Mexico. That program ran from 2006 to the end of 2007 then was stopped. Obama fully owns Fast and Furious which he and Holder botched, was NOT coordinated with Mexico and has killed Border Agent Brian Terry and many others.

  • Eric

    It wasn't the same program. Bush's program was to followed straw men to their buyers, and arrest them both. Obama's program was arm the drug cartels and then to cry for gun control when they were used in crimes.

  • Bill

    I happen to agree with Mr. Fiscus. The problems with this country and society are far deeper and more sinister than the vast majority of people who call the US home are capable of comprehending. That's why there are absolutely dispicable liars, cheaters, actors, and opportunists running this country. They were elected by the the people, who by the way, are mostly so uneducated, mentally deficient, and gullible, they shouldn't be allowed to reproduce, much less vote. Were I in a position to, I'd no longer live in what used to be the best country in the world.

    • bill

      i agree in the last election i only voted for 1 incumbent!!!! keep changing them til someone figures it out and votes the way his constituents want not because someone told him too!!!!

  • John P.

    Hey how about you leave your nice little world of Zionsville, IN and go live in Haughville without a gun and see if you still believe in gun control. I also think its quite comical how everybody is freaking out over the shooting. Dont get me wrong it is a terrible tragedy that 27 people were killed, yes 27 because the mom is a person, but what about all the people killed in war everyday? And what about the 1.3 million kids killed by abortions every year in America? Ya sure lets go with Obama's gun control plan. Sure works well in Chicago where 31 people are shot and killed each week. Oh ya and lets look at "Fast and Furious" where hundreds of fully auot AKs went unaccounted for in the drug areas of Mexico. This president doesnt care look at his press conference where he is "crying", look at the fiscal cliff meetings. He just wants to go on his vacations and then he is happy.

  • Richard

    Naive idiot! Is this lady *really* naive enough to think that yet another law would have prevented this and other similar tragedies? Is she really naive enough to believe that mentally-deranged criminals obtain their guns thru existing legal proceedures? This sort of reaction to any such horrible tragedy just prevents any *real* efforts to prevent or at least minimize any more of them. America desperately needs to stop blaming these things on everything under the sun *except* the people per perpetrate them. More gun control and so-called "gun free zones" do *NOT* help protect innocent victims from these murderers!

      • Rick Fiscus

        That's funny. We are not talking about anything to do with nukes, missiles or grenades. What we are discussing is OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights, specifically the Second Amendment. Me1 is correct and if you read the paper or watch the news I believe that you can figure out what Me1 is saying. Criminals pay NO attention to old or new laws. One of the reasons being that our judicial system is also broke. It seems that EVERY criminal case is plea bargained down. I am ALL FOR putting people in jail when they break our present firearms laws. There should be mandatory jail time for those caught carrying illegally, but the cases that I have followed seem to have ALL been plea bargained for a lesser crime. Hold our judicial system accountable.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Why does this woman's views sound exactly like the democrat talking points?

    And can this woman explain exactly how her "common sense" approach would have forestalled such mass shootings?

    And lastly, can this woman tell me exactly what a "high capacity" magazine is or what an assault weapon is?


  • Tracy

    It sickens me to see how many people would much rather keep their guns than worry about the protection of children. Shows where our priorities are in this country. If you can honestly look all of those children in the eyes that are still alive and had to live in that moment and tell them your guns are more important than they are. Then you had severe mental problems. If you could look those little angles who died because a crazed mad man murdered them with a semiautomatic weapon and to be able to tell them, " Oh , so sad,. but I want my gun." Then your sick in the head too. We do need a common sense approach to gun control and to find ways to keep children safe and guns out of the hands of crazies. I've seen so many people lately being killed with guns its unreal. Just recently there is has been four shootings in our area in one week. Years before it was unheard of. Parents need to step up , teach their children right from wrong and if your going to keep them in your home to be actually responsible with them. But since there are way to many irresponsible people in the world today, well, we need to keep them out of the hands of those who are.

    The only kind of gun control is actually NO Guns. Japan is the only nation in the world that has zero gun shootings every year. That is because citizens cannot carry guns. Gone are the days where you have to light a gun like a cannon and stand a foot away from them to do any damage. Today guns are made to be weapons of mass destruction. Good for this mom for stepping up and caring about these children in Newton and for future children in the world. Because its like all you crazies who care more about your guns than the safety of children and other adults.

    • Richard Fiscus

      I really can not understand what your point, and the point of a few others within this thread is getting at. Do you not understand that you are preaching to the choir?? This is not a question of "priority". This is a question of the basic God given right of self defense. You and others do not realize it seems, that this is not about the importance of our firearms versus the safety of the children. All of us in support of the Second Amendment would have given our best effort and our life to protect those children if we would have been there. Tracy, I can assure you that we are not "crazies" as you seem to believe. We are law abiding citizens, like you. The only difference is that we understand that there is evil in this world and we prefer to be able to defend ourselves and others against it in the way that we are capable of by carrying our firearms.

  • Randy

    Check out our website "10 Round" devoted to eliminating violence in the entertainment media. This online initiative which has just been launched proposes a shooting limit restriction of 10 rounds on violent media content. Our site is committed to sensible violence restrictions on media, television, music videos, movies, video games et al. We believe that this scourge of violence in the media is doing great harm to our nation's young people, culture and values. This site is NOT committed further restrictions on law abiding firearms owners. As such, we believe that all media entertainment should be held to the same 10 round limitation that our left wing politicians and so-called news media would impose upon lawful firearms owners and enthusiasts.

  • Guest

    Hello!! Do you think the "bad people" are gonna say "oh, wait…it's against the law to have this type of gun or this much ammo, etc. , I better not do it!" I really don't think they give a crap. Seriously people…the NRA guy was right on! "The only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun!" The people that obey the law and follow the rules are not the ones killing innocent people!!! Duh!

  • Kat

    This woman is an idiot. She'll be happy living in a box where someone tells her where she can go and when, these people think that everything should be organized like some event and that if you make enough laws prohibiting people from doing or having anything they'll be safe! The problem with that is, criminals and madmen do not abide by laws and typically do not get their weapons of destruction by any legal means. So march yourself into your stupid little controlled box, you'll still be targets for the criminals and madmen! This will only make it easier for them to get to you!

    A Mom who's not willing to give up control!

  • Dave

    What is an assault rifle???? Its just a rifle…I guess handguns, shotguns, knives, scissors, rocks, baseball bats, and anything else you can pick up to use to hurt or kill someone should be considered assault weapons, or how about the cars we drive. It's the action of the person and their intentions that can make anything a weapon. Criminals will always have guns, that's why they are criminals in the first place. Does anyone really think that guns that criminals use are really legally registered to them or bought by reputable people?! The link to all these past shootings are not the guns, but the mental health treatment that people lacked or could not get thanks to the lack of treatment facilities and or insurance.
    Maybe the next time these people vote they should research the candidates and educate themselves before making a decision that effects everyone!

  • NAT




  • John

    It's the fault of the NRA and the right wing, fear based, gun thirsty crowd. They know nothing about peace and goodwill toward your fellow man. They stand for war and capitolist greed. They know nothing of compassion. And they are suppose to be the party of jesus? Give me a break.

    • Richard Fiscus

      Sorry John, Your arguement just doesn't get it. Supporters of our Constitution are the MOST compassionate, educated people in this country. We in NO way stand for war or greed. I believe you have us confused with the politicians from both sides in this country. We stand for what the founders of this country envisioned. By your comment "supposed to be the party of Jesus" shows where you are coming from. Bottom line is that WE all know the real Reason for the Season

  • Kelsey

    This is just sad that she believes those t.hings will prevent school shootings. Putting into place what the NRA suggested would do more good then banning weapons. I would like to be able to defend myself against bad guys. Because bad guys will continue to get ammunition on the black markets and citizens who abide by the laws set into place will not be able to protect themselves. She needs to get off her high horse and realize the laws she wants put into place will not prevent anything.

  • sam

    I'm not an NRA member never have been, I do own guns and support my right to do so. Lady I have one question with all the laws on cold meds has it stopped the meth problem? Is heroine still available on the streets? New laws and restrictions isn't gonna stop crazy people from do things like this, only cowards go to gunfree zones and commit crimes like this. WAKE UP LONELY HOUSEWIFE.

  • guest46

    I have no problem with someone want a gun. I also have no problem with the guidelines of purchasing a gun getting more strict. I think as Americans we have the right to have guns. I also think as Americans our government has the right to tighten the process. In my opinion theres nothing wrong with capable people having guns. This lady wants to take the fight to the NRA, they arent the problem. When she threatened them I quit listening to her. They have a right to their thoughts as does she. I clearly think she is just out to get noticed, and that saddens me.

  • James Dennis

    I have a question…If just one teacher had a gun and could have saved even one of those children wouldn't we all agree it was worth them having a gun..?????

  • Molly

    I don't think gun controll is the answer since when do criminals go by the law to get a weapon no one wants to take cars away because of so many drunk drivers killing people

  • Elaine Lasky

    Gun control CAN help. LOOK AT OTHER COUNTRIES. IE: UK

    What is the matter with you people?? Why do you need ASSAULT weapons in your home?? Yes mental health enters into it as well as parents and their children. But the 2nd amendment was talking about MUSKETS .. To compare to today is ludicrous..

    GIVE IT UP along with the right wing despicable Baptists blaming gays for the death of innocent children! Religion of this sort breeds hatred.. THEY belong in hell.

  • sherri kooperman

    This is simple people…..stop all guns and ammo sales on internet. You can still buy them but only face to face. Stop all gun sales that do not require a background check….. No more gun shows without background checks and waiting periods. This is simple. Guns do not superscede my property rights. Or my pursuit of happiness as they do now in Tennessee. Also tax them… they are costing cities, states and federal governments lots of money. Cops in school are not free nor are swat teams…. the clean up is not free……. face it nothing is free… so tax them, to pay for the cost of the freedom to carry and wreak havoc on the rest of us

  • Gun guy

    Guns are not the issue here, it's society as a whole, no one is held accountable at a young age for their actions anymore, they grow up thinking they are entitled ( get a trophy just for being on the team and showing up )!!!! That's is what is at the heart of the matter here.

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