Richmond Hill residents share shock at arrests following explosion

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Richmond Hill residents watched Friday morning’s press conference closely and some residents say they’re stunned but not by the arrests. They’re more surprised to hear some of the new details about the investigation into last month’s explosion.

“What you guys learned today is very upsetting,” said Doug Aldridge, Richmond Hill resident. “Sometimes money makes people do stupid stuff.”

Specifically, they’re surprised to hear that the suspects may have tried, but failed, to blow up the house the previous weekend.

“I think that part of the information came as a very big surprise,” said Aldridge.

“It sickens me, there’s no other words for it,” said Carla Wilson, resident. “Especially to think they already tried it once, that was a shock to me.”

“Just amazing that someone’s conscience would allow them to try and fail and do it again the following weekend,” said Jeff Cross, resident. “It’s just unbelievable to me.”

Other details also came as a surprise to residents, who gathered for a meeting with authorities Friday afternoon.

“The microwave going out, calling the gas company,” said Wilson. “Who does that?”


  • Vicki

    We need CAPITAL PUNISHMENT BACK INTO THE SYSTEM. They should get the death penality and I hate to say that, but honestly who would think of doing something like they did? It was horrible and 2 innocent lives were lost in this unexplainable act. It could have been alot worse and thank GOD it wasn’t, but our system with the punishment of these ridiculous crimes need more than a smack on the hand and a few years in prison. No they all 3 deserve the death penalty. js

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      They do need a lethal injection. Knowing they just murdered two people all they were concerned with was how to spend the stolen insurance $$$.

  • Amra

    Indiana law does provide for capital punishment and murder is a capital offense in this state. It is up to the prosecutor's office as to whether they will seek the death penalty.

    • bobie

      murders get by no matter who they kill, the victoms have to live it everyday of there life, no matter if they kill childrens, teenagers, or adults.they get to live, we take care of them while there in prison until there released back on the streets

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