Winter weather slows area holiday travel

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Thursday’s winter storm could not have come at a worse time for some.  Many people hitting the roads this weekend to visit family and friends are having to deal with less than desirable conditions.

The first storm of the season has not been kind to Hoosiers.

“Cold, windy, brisk,” said driver Kristin Wroblewski.

“It is freezing and I do not like snow just because I do not like to drive in it,” said driver Bailey Knox.  “It is okay if I do not have to drive in it, but if I have to drive in it, I do not like it.”

The storm blew in Thursday night with high winds and the first significant snow of the season.  One day later, holiday travelers, like Dan Gallagher, who was heading from Cincinnati to Chicago, took to the interstate.

“It is always a shocker, but I grew up in Chicago so I am kind of used to it,” said Gallagher.  “Midwest weather.”

Others, like IU student Maria Walter almost did not make it home.

“I almost ran out of gas and that would have been pretty bad,” said Walter.

Walter was almost stuck on the side of the road on one of the coldest nights of the year.

“Which I almost did,” said Walter.  “My car was beeping and I was like, ‘Oh gosh, if I have to walk in this it is going to be so bad.'”