Indianapolis government offices closed Wednesday

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In anticipation of a blizzard, all city of Indianapolis non-essential offices will be closed Wednesday.

Mayor Greg Ballard made the announcement Tuesday afternoon.

The majority of central Indiana is under Blizzard warning from 5 a.m. until 7 p.m. Wednesday.


  • Addison

    Typically the State makes you use personal or sick time if you can't make it in. The only time I ever heard of State "closing" was during an ice storm and they sent us home early and we have the choice to use No Pay Leave or Time.

  • Nita

    The state closed down last year but it was due to an ice storm. They closed the offices but it was at the very last minute prior to the start of the business day. That was the first time in over several decades where the state actually closed.

    • Diana

      I have worked for the State for 17 years, I have never known them to close. Maybe small offices but not the government buildings. I work for state education. Even it the school was closed we had to be there unless we took personal or sick time.

  • John Murphy

    I always wonder at the closing of 'non-essential' government offices. I always thought that government was only supposed to exist to perform essential services for the society, so why are there any 'non-essential' offices at all ?

  • MLH

    I heard on the news last night that non-essential state workers who lived in counties with snow emergency orders–cannot remember just how it was worded?– didn't have to report to work today (Wednesday). Thing is we typically leave for work before 7 AM and I doubt any county will have a snow emergency in place by then. I am concerned since both my husband and I work for the state of Indiana and cannot really afford to lose our Holiday Pay covering Mon & Tuesday (Christmas Eve & Christmas Day). I worry about getting home if we go to work today? No doubt we might get to work since the snow is not deep yet. I also wonder will anyone be at work if we go?

  • REX

    The good thing: all the rest of us go to work to pay the taxes to pay the salaries of these G-workers that will have the day off with pay. Also, not having to drive in the weather that we drive in riskink a crash!

  • izaiah85

    State employees ARE at work like myself so I guess I am paying my own taxes today…no paid leave….just to add though NO-ONE should be out in this today, I had to take my kids to daycare in this mess and then get to work only to worry about how long and how safe it is going to be getting my kids this evening…this is nuts….

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