Fatal crash on I-70: Car drives under semi

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A fatal crash on I-70 closes east bound lanes near mile marker 106. It happened in Hancock County just before 5 a.m., about two miles east of Greenfield. A PT Cruiser drove under a stalled semi truck at what police believe was a high rate of speed. The driver of that car is dead. Officers have not yet been able to extricate the victim from the vehicle to identify him, but they have confirmed the deceased is a man. The semi truck driver was in the truck during the crash. He was not injured.


  • Anonymous

    Police believe it was a high rate of speed?

    What caused the semi to stall on a high-speed limited-access highway? Was the semi overloaded, or poorly maintained, or being driven by a drunk driver? Why are the trucker and the semi owner not being identified?

    • John Howard

      Perhaps his fuel "gelled" or otherwise clogged the line. But that wouldn't make for a sufficiently snarky comment from you.

    • Jesse

      Your an Idiot. Im a truck driver myself, it doesnt take a bad action on my part for my truck to breake down. As john said, perhaps it was a gelled fuel issue, or a blown tire, an air line could've snapped because of the cold, clogged filter, could've run over something etc. And the most likely reason he's not being identified is because he was legally stopped and pulled completly off the road with his emergency triangles out.

      • sean

        you tell them….i make brakes, drivetrains etc. for semis and i know not due to poor quality that things break especially in the winter when they get cold and brittle so here is a shout out to ALL truck drivers keep up the good work you do

    • Tim

      Over the highway semi-trucks travel about 125,000 miles a year, transporting almost everything that you need or want. As a result, they breakdown from time to time.

    • Dan the Man

      Obviously, you have watched too many detective shows. Don't read more into this than what's there. Semi trucks break down all the time, especially in cold weather. They drive a lot of miles, so they are more prone to break down. It appears this truck driver was off the road where he should have been, and had his emergency reflectors out. Perhaps the PT Cruiser's driver fell asleep or was distracted or impaired… in fact, that's FAR more likely.

    • Rich

      do you know when your vehicle is going to break down on you? just because your vehicle breaks down doesnt mean it is poorly maintained, it means it os mechanical and does mean there is a chance it is going to fail. Think before you speak.

    • anonymous

      As someone whos father has drove a truck my whole life and who worked with truck drivers as a security guard at a warehouse I can tell you trucks break down all the time even when well maintained. Please don’t blame the semi driver for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • no/one/is/to/blame

      my guess would be that the driver of the car was not pay attention… semi's stall.. cars stall… i'm sure his flashers were on.. wonder if the driver had a cell phone in his hand..?? we travel back and forth to illinois all the time and you would be surprised the people who still text and drive.. its crazy! its an accident.. why does the truck driver have to be "drunk"?? how about the driver of the car not paying attention.. that's probably more likely what happened here.. its a very sad situation either way and i'm sure the semi driver has feelings too… they have a big responsibility on their hands and people need to quit bashing them!

    • James

      Since when is I 70 a limited access highway? The semi driver being drunk is the cause how? How is the semi being overloaded a cause of the accident? I 70 is a full access interstate that runs the entire state and plus several. Anyone can drive it. Also, the semi was stalled out. The article stated that the car was going too fast, hence the driver of the car is at fault here. Please tell me that you have more sense to you than your statement indicates. My heart goes out to the love ones of the deceased.

  • Anonymous

    Why does everyone always blame the truck drivers. Seems if a big truck is involved no matter what, it's always the one to blame.

    • Anonymous

      Trk drv was parked in a rest area way off the hwy. Drv of the car came across the grass and slamed into the trl tandems. Trk drv was not charged, for it was the drv of the suv who lost control. So, before you blame the trk drv. Make sure you know all the facts before you place blame.

  • bob

    There are just as many idiot car drivers as there are semi drivers. But yet only semi drivers are to blame. Really people…why do we point fingers before the facts come into play??

  • diane

    that is why i don't drive on 70,, live in the richmond area but travel back and forth to indy to see family…. i always take 40 no accidents or road construction… mt comfort and greenfield on that section of 70 is always having some sort of issue… but this is sad…

  • Unimportant

    All of a sudden the story is about everyone's ridiculous assumptions and asinine comments and everyone is forgetting that someone died! Regardless of how it happened, a life was lost!

  • duretta razor

    Interesting ALL of you KNOW the facts when the family hasn’t been told! MY FAMILY lost my nephew, son,brother, grandson, cousin in that wreck. NO DETAIL brings him back

  • Teball

    Truck was NOT parked in a rest stop, but over a mile away on the side of the road. I know the young man that was driving the car. He was a young man of 19 that had gotten off work at midnight and was probably tired. A dozen things could have cause the accident, but I doubt very much if if the truck driver was at fault in any way. Instead of trying to find fault, try feeling sorry for the Grandparents whom the young man was living with.

    • Harold McCammon

      I just read the Indianapolis Star. It stated the man who died was 26 years old from Spiceland and happen at 4:45 am. Does it take 4 hours to get to Greenfield? Read it for yourself. I'm not saying you're wrong, just what the Star said.

  • foxie1976

    u know, we were on our way 2 tenn. a truck drv pulled in front of me, i almost hit him from the back, instead we enden in a ditch had a baby in the van, hit a pole in the ditch, spun around likely noone was hurt,the truck drv didnt even stop to see if we were alright. my husband got us out of the ditch. some trk drvs dont watch for drivers in cars thats a fact. some dont get enough sleep, @ sway on the road ive seen it with my own eyes.there bosses aught to be held acountable, cause they make them drive constanly with no sleep.

    • flood1956

      foxie1976 a truck driver pulled in front of you…. and just how fast were you going….? as you were comming up on him you didn't see the 5 plus turn signel lights blinking….? maybe you should keep your eyes open and looking around when your driving….. he didn't stop to see if you were ok…. how do you know he knew you had gone off the road..? and did you know that by law truck drivers have to take a 10 rest break every day..! do you…? i have lost friend that worked all day then went home packed the car for a trip and never made it, no law saids you can't do that but we can't so know what you are talking about before you post bs…. now you want a fact or two how about this from AAA 80% of the time when a trick hits a car the CAR DRIVER is the one that gets the ticket…!as to you comment about truck drivers sway on the road a study by FMCSA shower that 98% of all head on's whare someone crossed the center line it was the car NOT THE TRUCK that crossed over

    • Ron

      Maybe the driver had an attitude? But why didn't you move over to the passing lane or slow down to let the truck driver out? Instead you all decided to be rude and cut him off which backfired on you. Either that or you weren't paying attention. I suggest you all go to driving school and learn good driving habits including defensive driving and how to read traffic. That turn signal and brake pedal are there for a reason.

  • Anonymous

    I was related to this young man that died today. He died on his little sisters birthday, which is my cousin. I’m not suppost to tell how he caused to hit this semi but I will say it was an accident it was nobodys fault. Nobody was drunk or anything.

  • coworker

    Its not about placing blame. Yes, the truck was pulled over on the side with markers out. Yes, I am almost postive that the driver was extremely tired cause he worked all that evening. Accidents happen, that is why they are called accidents. My heart is breaking for this young man. He lost his life, his family lost a brother, a son, a grandson and a cousin. Please be respectful what you say and remember that a life was lost. Its not a time to point fingers but a time to remember his life and pray that the family can get through this huge lose that has happened. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of this young man. As a coworker of his, he will be greatly missed. I didnt know him that well but he was fun to be around when we crossed paths. RIP

  • FutureIsOnUs

    Teball you jumped the wagon buddy Tyler was 26 not 19 so much for your WHOAAAA is me story!! RIP Tyler.

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