Shots fired in Lafayette Square Mall

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A young male who may have had something to do with a shooting Friday night at Lafayette Square Mall, has been interviewed by police.

Witnesses say three or four shots were fired inside the mall just before 7 p.m.

Police later found large guns in a car near the mall.

They also found the suspected handgun on the northwest side of the mall, not far from where they picked up the young man.

No one was injured in the shooting.


  • Anonymous

    Lafayette square has been a plague to the northwest side for years …. Once an awesome place to shop and be with family … Now a dump..! A direct result of political correctness and letting thugs and thugettes run rampant … This is why I am armed and always will be …!

  • Thomas

    Tear it down its been bad for over 20 years that’s why all the major retail stores pulled out its a eyesore tear it down or buil a jail there

  • Sam


  • anonymous

    Tthat's why I've started ordering stuff online. Haven't been to a mall for a long time. Traffic was a nightmare at Castleton. I grew up on the westside of Indy in the 60's & 70's and would go to Lafayette Square mall when it was better. Haven't been on westside since 1989. Moved to one of the surrounding suburbs and haven't regretted it.

  • Spike Lee

    Sam is dead one. Better yet re-open Eastgate. Move Don' Guns inside of Lafayette Scare, put one in at Eastgate. Caveat would be that they would have to go thru metal detection before being allowed to leave.

  • Please Help My son

    My son is wrong .I APOLOGIZE TO PEOPLE AND EMPLOYEES AT THE MALL AN AROUND THE WORLD.My son to apologize to the public for something that could have been worse. My son is ADHD<ODD<OCD . He ask he help and he was denied.

  • Please Help My son

    I pray everyday and everynight for my kids to live for God .Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior he save my life.I've share my story with my sons .Kids want things what other rich kids have or what is in fashion right now. If they don't they feel out of place .Parents work hard to provided for they family to have nice things . It's wrong for kids or adults to prey on hard working parents and seniors .Are kids need help and cross care system for kids with mental health issue don't care.My son as to go back because he felt something lost .I ask his Probation Officer for help an the comment was"do you think the State is going to pay for you again." He had a mentor didn't have much time to spend with him.My son took his old path and that was the wrong path to take .The emeny come to kill steal and destroy he took over my kids mind setting and someone sold or gave my son a gun .I pray for this person who destory my son life and family and could"ve destory a bystander.Who gave my son this gun you should be in jail also. My son have to pay for his wrong. Being mislead by these people who training are kids to do wrong . I apologize an my son for what happen at the Mall Friday night. I hope an pray my son finds Jesus Christ in his life he the only one that will save you.I have pray with him many times so he knows ,he has to made a comment to God to stay on the right path or it's not going to work,I hope he find some one to teach him more about Christ an need Leaders to help all are young teens who are making bad choice in life.

    • Hate

      Obviously, Your Imaginary God Isn’t Working. Another Thing, Adhd, Ocd, And Shit Like That Doesn’t Make People Do That. if I Shopped At That Ghetto Mecca Your Stupid Kid Would Have Been Dead. hopefully It Will Happen Soon, Before He Really Hurts Someone.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    This is news? The newsworthy item would be a week where shots are NOT fired at Hood-a-yette square. lol

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