Masked men break into home, steal from mother and daughter

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INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis mother was says she was with her 11-year-old daughter when two masked men broke into their home.

Within three minutes, they were gone—along with many of the family’s possessions.

Ida Young said it happened after 9 p.m. on Sunday while she was upstairs with her daughter. The family lives at the Park at Winding Ridge Neighborhood.

“We heard a large bang and we kind of paused in our tracks,” Young said.

The men broke down the backdoor.

“When I got up to go downstairs to see what was going on that’s when I (saw), you know, two young men. (They were) coming up the stairs with masks and with guns,” Young said.

Young said the men were teenagers who kept asking if there was someone else inside the home. She said they wanted her to lie down on the floor; Young refused because she wanted her daughter by her side.

“We kneeled on the ground and I just put my daughter….(she was) screaming, telling me that she was scared,” Young said.

Young’s husband, Joel, was not home. He was at church.

“(I’m upset it happened to my wife). She had to go through it and I wasn’t here to protect her. I know God was protecting her,” he said.

According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the men got away with Young’s phone, a television set, her computer, and a gaming system.

“I just started praying and I told my daughter…she was screaming, telling me she was scared. I told her don’t fear (anybody), but God,” Young said.

Young prayed aloud for her family and for the men.

“I got to a point in my prayer where I got really strong and I did start praying for them. And, at that point, I did hear one of the guys say ‘let’s go,’” Young said.

Young ran to a neighbor’s home to call 911. When she was outside, she noticed a man in her backyard close to her neighbor’s home.

“It happened so quickly. They were at my other neighbor’s house, robbing them as well,” Young said.

Detectives are investigating. According to the police report, the second case happened minutes from Young’s case.

“We’re a very religious family so for this to happen to my home… kind of took me by surprise,” Young said.

In the second case, the family said the two men were not wearing masks. They asked for money and took $700.

“We go to work every day and, you know, we work hard for what we got. And, hopefully, they’ll learn that this is hurting people,” Joel Young said.

Anyone with information should call IMPD.


  • Bev

    This home invasion when people are home is getting a little scary. It seems to be happening more and more:((

  • Amy

    Two things that strike me about this are one, the idea that God has anything to do with protecting your family and not others is a bit nuts. The other is that you are not to fear anyone but God is also nuts. The sane thing is to remain calm. Praying or sending out positive energy to the poor people perpetrating these acts is a good thing to do. People who are desperate enough to act out in this way and not take pride in earning an honest living need help.

    • Rick

      Sending out positive energy ?? In the form of a 9mm or a .45 would be good in my opinion. Very positive for those being attacked and very negative for these punk thugs. I am also a Christian and understand her references to God, but the fact of the matter is that these attacks are happening more frequently, happening in the daytime, at night, and across the city. We have had many attacks on CVS pharmacies also and it doesn't seem to stop. When two or three of these punks meet with armed resistance and are hauled away in body bags by the coroner it will definitely slow things down.

  • Guest

    One reason CVS is robbed so often is because CVS takes no interest in seeing that the bad guys are punished for their crimes. I know this for a fact. They're an easy target.

    • JJJ

      Shouldn't the court system punish the bad guys? What does CVS have to do with it, they give up video evidence and their employees describe what they saw?

      You are full of it.

  • Mel

    Amy– have some faith– If you were religious maybe you'd understand– Never underestimate the power of prayer!

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