Tips to extend the life of your vehicle

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1. Be patient during the break-in period

2. Drive with care everyday

3. Buy gas at reputable service stations

4. Don’t fill up if you see the tanker

5. Go easy when you’re stuck

6. Lighten up your key chain

7. Choose a good car insurer

8. Keep an auto log

9. Preserve your car during long-term storage

10. Park in the shade

11. Clean the inside, too

12. Clean dash gauges carefully

13. Let floor mats take winter’s beating

14. Blast mats with the hose

15. For stubborn carpet or mat stains

16. Preserve door and window seals

17. Fix bad weatherstripping immediately

18. Keep leather from drying out and cracking

19. Use upholstery cleaners on soiled seats

20. Renew fabric upholstery

21. Place a towel under baby seats

22. Protect car paint from the sun

23. Touch up nicks sooner rather than later

24. Tape saves light covers

25. Avoid light fixture problems

For more details on these tips and more, read “74 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car”


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