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Man cries while confessing to fatally stabbing 2-year-old son in court Thursday

The man accused in the stabbing death of his 2-year-old son admitted to the crime at his initial hearing Thursday afternoon.

Michael William Harrison, 30, struggled with Hamilton County sheriff deputies, minutes before his court appearance, and was removed from the room.

A distraught Harrison returned to the hearing an hour later, shackled at the waist and ankles.

“I want death,” he told the judge. “I can’t do this right now.  There’s too many questions.”

Throughout the hearing, Harrison wept, put his head on the table and even attempted to walk away.

“Ya’ll should take me out back and shoot me,” said Harrison. “I killed my poor little baby.”

Harrison was arrested Wednesday night in a Noblesville apartment after police located 2-year-old Michael Harrison, who sustained fatal stab wounds to the chest and forehead.

A neighbor told Fox59 News that the children were playing in the snow when an obviously angry Harrison forced them inside the apartment. The boy briefly struggled and an older sister begged her father to allow her to keep playing.

The neighbor told Fox59 News that she verbally confronted Harrison for his behavior, but after glancing at her, he continued to force the children into the apartment. Then, the neighbor said there was screaming and a dog barking.

According to court documents, Harrison traveled with his three children to Noblesville from Alabama to visit his mother, Pamela Harrison. She told authorities Harrison was ranting that someone was trying to kill him and attacked a closet door with a claw hammer prior to allegedly killing his son.

Pamela told police that as she hid the hammer from Harrison she spotted her son and Michael on the floor of a back bedroom.

It is unclear why Harrison killed the young boy.

Micah Harrison’s grandmother in Alabama, Noran Harrison, told Fox59 News, “I couldn’t believe it when I heard it because he generally won’t do nothing like that.

“He thought the world of that boy and his two daughters. He really thought the world of them.”

Harrison is being held on a suicide watch at the Hamilton County Jail pending his next hearing in February. When advised to his right to a trial, Harrison replied, “I hope I don’t live that long.”

He faces a March 12 trial date.

Prosecutor Lee Buckingham indicated he may seek life without parole if Harrison is convicted.

Buckingham witnessed the video feed of Harrison struggling with deputies and confessing to murder.

“I won’t discuss any of the facts or circumstances of the case or what happened in the courtroom today or how that would affect our proceeding.”


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