IMPD investigates after body found fatally shot near far east side day care

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a death after a body was discovered near a daycare on the city’s far east side Friday morning.

Someone called authorities at approximately 7:40 a.m. to report the body, which was found outside the New Beginnings Learning Center located in the 3500 block of Roseway Drive.

When crews arrived, they located an unresponsive male in the street. He was pronounced dead on the scene.  Preliminary investigation revealed the man was shot.

According to homicide detectives, it is too early in the investigation to determine how the man died.

Police said the body was located approximately a block from the home daycare. They do not believe the daycare was connected to the death and do not believe the children were in danger.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact detectives at 317-262-8477.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    lol…wow! Can you imagine trying to drop off your child and having to call into work?

    "Hi! Jim? I need to use a PTO today because I couldn't drop my child off on account of a body in front of my day care!"


  • John762

    Hey Fox59 management I have a question for you! Why do you keep reporting that the body was found in front of a daycare center when in reality it was found in the middle of the road over a block away? Why do you feel the need to over sensationalize EVERY story that you report on? This tragedy had nothing to do with a daycare center yet it's brought up everytime this story is addressed, what are you trying to prove?
    This is the same thing you're doing with the story about the woman who drove her car through deep water and got stuck. It's no one's fault but hers but your reporters continue to say "who's responsible for not closing the gate?", who gives a damn? It's the drivers responsibility to maintain control of your vehicle at all times, the DRIVERS responsibility…
    I won't even go into the recent "blizzard warning" that you issued that got everybody scared…
    I doubt that you'll respond but I look forward to your comment.

  • Tommy

    Get the story straight!!! I just talked to my mom and it wasn't a damn block away!!! It was next door in front of her house!!!

  • BPC

    Hope they find out who is responsible. This world is sickening. I use to live next door to the daycare. My neighbor called and told me that they think the guy dropped off his kids. This is sad.

  • Dave

    While we are in complaint mode, who's writing the headlines lately?? I.E. "Man cries while confessing to fatally stabbing 2-year-old son in court Thursday." Did he stab the baby in court?? Maybe a better way of saying it would be "Man cried in court Thursday, after confessing he had stabbed his baby."

  • Trish

    Does anyone think there might be 2 daycares? 1 Where the body was found in front of and the cops didn't realize that it's a home daycare. And the 2nd Daycare the cops are aware of on the next block.

    Just a thought, but then again getting info from differnent sources could cause confussiion.

  • MeatPlow

    "it is too early in the investigation to determine how the man died." but the "Preliminary investigation revealed the man was shot."
    I just solved your case, thank me later.

    • Anonymous

      It’s so sad that you people would make these heartless remarks this was a friend of mine no thug no gangsta but a working father. The family already is having a hard time with this heartless crime then to read the news and all u uneducated people making all these hurtful and ignorant assumptions. There may be a time when u or your family are on the news and you don’t want people laughing at your death or calling you something you weren’t!

      • KRYSTAL

        right . . thetas why I can`t stand hey rude asses , that's why I never comment on shit cause they always rude , dumb asses . he in a better olace , he wasn't nothing but a working man he wasn't even from here .

  • latasha stwart

    People is so could u talk down on that men n u don’t no him.when ur turn come lord how mercey on u.god don’t like matter that man do u have no right to judge I no u raciest cause only a stupid honkey with say shit like that.n not all white people r honkeys only the raciest bitches

  • guest

    people need to stop being so silly now days. like people r say n, who died it is a tragedy. it does n matter what type of guy u r, u r someones love one. I hope tht the violence in indy stops so that we can go back to live n the life that God wants us to live. peace and love is needed so bad. it is get sicken that u can not walk the streets without worrrying if u will be harmed in some type of way. Lord look over us all please.

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