Survey finds what Indianapolis women consider the ‘perfect man’

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Ladies, what is your idea of the perfect man?

According to a survey conducted by, a dating-auction website, Indianapolis woman value body type the most in their perception of the ‘perfect man.’

Approximately 1,200 Indianapolis women were surveyed and asked to determine the definition of the perfect man by the following qualities: income, education, hair color, eye color, body type and vice. The women were asked to rank the most important qualities in a man.

“In the online dating world, ‘the perfect man’ transcends superficial qualities such as looks and body type,” said Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of “Our study indicates that women look past profile pictures and also value certain intangibles when choosing a first date—success, intelligence and social habits.”

Results indicated women in the Circle City believed body type was the most important quality, followed by education, hair color, eye color, drinking, income and smoking.

Based on the results, local women viewed the perfect man as someone who earns $75,000 to $100,000 a year, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree, has blonde hair with blue eyes, an athletic build and is a social drinker who doesn’t smoke.

Surveys were conducted across the U.S. in 30 different cities.  Indianapolis was the only location to value body type, education and hair color in that order.


  • Rockstar

    Didn't an article come out last week showing that Indianapolis is one of the least healthiest (read…fat and out of shape) cities for women in the nation? The needy shouldn't be greedy.


    This story is hillarious….from the women I've seen out and about, or on online dating websites these women should be the last to list body type as a #1 priority. Granted there are some very attractive/fit women in Indy as there are in every city/suburb; but seriously many many frumpy women, or ones that say they have an "average" body type, and are about 50 lbs. overweight.

  • Kate

    The perfect man is Mexican or of Latin back ground, with a bald head and some tattoos. He has to be working and responsible, hardworking, family oriented and romantic. Looks are important but I prefer a little meat on their bones so average build with chocolate brown eyes, he doesn’t have to have a degree but can carry on an intelligent conversation, to me that is important. Blond haired blue eyes making a lot of money is so over rated and a dime a dozen I want a unique man that is one of a kind and accepts me for me not for what society wants me to be.

  • gerald

    wow this is incredible! if that's the perfect man then my wife married a dud! im chocolate thin to medium build dreadlocks and three degrees. get the picture?

  • shelley

    i don't have a perfect man because i don't NEED to be in a relationship or dont NEED to have some fictitious prince charming! if we were all stepford quality perfect then what's the point of living in a sterile boring world?! face it nobody's perfect – and i kinda like it that way! 😉

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