Woman rescued after car stalls in northwest side creek

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Emergency crews responded to the northwest side Friday morning after a woman called 911, claiming her car stalled in a creek.

The incident occurred near 59th Street and Moller Road, near the Woods at Eagle Creek apartments.

In the woman’s call to authorities, she reported she was waist deep in the water.

When crews arrived, they were able to bring the woman to safety.

Fox59 spoke with the distraught woman, who said she did not understand why the gate to the creek was not closed.

The Pike Township Fire Department said they have responded to the area before and are not sure why the gate wasn’t closed as well.

The property manager at Aspen Chase apartments told Fox59 that Woods at Eagle Creeks apartments owns and controls the gates to the creek.

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    • The victim

      Who drives in a creek in the dark willingly? It is not rocket science. The gate was open when it should have been shut! is that clear now? Thanks

      • the victim

        Well Why is the gate there? TO LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT THERE IS A SAFTEY ISSUE. If people are not aware of danger, then the gate should have been doing it's job. Is that clear now? Your remarks show how truly ignorant you are to the situation. it is easy for people to be flippant when they where not the ones in the situation. Peace be with you.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        lol…okay victim! I apologize for intimating you're dumb. Obviously you are intelligent and this was all an accident.

        Be safe woman!

    • the victim

      Hello this is the victim, I can not drive in the creek, The creek was under the road but rose up. so No, I did not expect to be driving in a creek. Please get your facts straight, before you start talking.

  • doodle

    This is a street that periodically floods and due to this the apt complex managers placed a gate so that you cannont use the road during high water times_

    • the victim

      Do you mean the gate that was open and not shut like it was supposed to be? I am The victim . I almost died because they did not shut the gate.That is the bottom line.

  • John762

    Obviously the driver was completely innocent of doing anything wrong, I think the popo should arrest and imprison whomever didn't "close the gate"! LoL

    • The victim

      Thank you for not being stupid! The apartments did not close the gate to warn us. It was dark, I almost died. But people, choose to be stupid and selfish. YOU ARE WONDERFUL! The victim and her family thanks you.

    • the victim

      Hi, nothing happened to I did, the facts are "I DID" DRIVE INTO DANGER BECAUSE "THEY DIDN'T" CLOSE THE GATE. Thank you for helping clear it all up.

    • the victim

      No Dear MeatPlow, I cannot blame GM they were not responsible for shutting the gates to the apartments. Thank you.

    • the victim

      Hi dear, You are so busy judging you misspelled "POLICE". How about you try to care a bit that a human life, possibly more were spared? Thanks

    • the victim

      Hi Thor, thanks a bunch for your insight. Common sense is great, but warning others of danger is even better. If you were in a bad situation, would you like others to put their negative comments out there? Okay, you just wait. Your turn is coming, we all live to learn and learn to live. You will one day see how it feels. Everyone has something that happens to them. I will tell you right now, that I will pray for you and when your bad day comes, God will give you courage to face it. Thanks.

  • neighbor

    Okay, this lady was dumb, i live in these apartments and people shoukd know that when we get any kind of rain or snow melting that bridge floods and how dumb are you to drive through it when you can clearly see water rushing across??? Like are you in to big of a hurry to turn around and go in the other way.. Come on.. I blame it on the lady.. And our apartments are taking care of the gate. I guess it was broke, but they are having someone fix it.

    • Kendall

      Ok bitches stfu! If u were to WATCH THE DAMN video it said she was driving wen it was STILL DARK OUTSIDE!!! And I bet most of ya don’t have a car nor license so stfu. Thank you…dumb bitches

      • the victim

        Thank you Kendall. You have your facts right! You are very intelligent to get the facts and think about the truth before you posted your comment. There is hope for humanity! That could have been anyone out there in the dark, about to drown! I am glad that you show a remarkable sense of understanding.

    • Mel

      She was trying to make a living like everyone else. She was going to work. She was trying to provide for me. I'm the "stupid lady's" daughter. it would have been me in that water if i didn't go another way due to a school bus backing up because it saw the water that i wasn't initially aware of until i left school that morning and saw MY car in the water and the news crew filming. Let's look at the reasons why she almost DIED: the gate wasn't closed , therefore, she assumed everything was ok. It's dark, and so there was POSSIBLE WAY she could have seen the water. And why didn't they close it? Why not at least shut it? It was damaged, but they thought of a way to lock the gate AND put up cones AFTER THE FACT. no, she wasn't in a hurry to get to work, she was actually on time for work. she didn't realize the water was that high, let alone RUSHING AT HER for that matter, until she was actually in the water, trying to back out, but the force of the water was too strong, causing the car to move and tilt. The car was practically an SUV so she couldn't tell how high the water was until feeling the water at her feet rising in the car at a rapid speed. Let's not confuse ignorance to the situation with not heading the warning…OH WAIT! There was no warning! The gate wasn't shut! The apartments aren't taking too much care of all of us, clearly. It's their fault she could have lost her life. It's their fault that we don't have a car anymore. You don't know what happened. Get your facts straight before bashing people.

    • the victim

      Hello person who lives in the same apartments as I do. This is the VICTIM speaking. I would like you to know a few things: Firstly, I am new to this situation since I am new to the apartments. this is my first year here! You are sitting there judging while I almost lost my life. You could not possibly know what really happened in the dark that morning. THE APARTMENT SHOULD HAVE CLOSED THE GATE EVEN IF IT WAS BROKEN. THEY FOUND A WAY TO CLOSE IT AFTER MY ORDEAL DIDN'T THEY? I saw other people driving my way, but they backed out when they saw me. So who knows how many lives I saved even while I almost died. Instead of using your mouth to judge, maybe you should be happy that a HUMAN BEING did not die. but you are too busy judging to think that far. OUR APARTMENTS KNOW THE PROCEDURE. THEY SHOULD HAVE CLOSED THE GATE, OR PUT SOME KIND OF BARRIER TO WARN PEOPLE. THAT IS ALL I ASKED. since your life was not in danger, you do not care. Keep your silly comments in your pocket. Find something better to do with your time, like get some education.

  • Jackie

    All the people that are talking crap about the lady are just showing how ignorant they are! She just went through a traumatic experience because her apartments did not do what they were supposed to do. They should have locked that gate! If you or a loved one were in the same situation, I bet you would not be saying all this stupid stuff! So use your brains. Who the hell would choose to drive in a creek. She was driving on a road that became flooded! Get your facts straight!

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