Mother seeks answers after being let go from Amazon job she didn’t even start

It is a tough time to get a job, so when a Central Indiana mom got hired for a temporary job at Amazon, she was thrilled. That is, until she showed up to work after a month-long hiring process and was told she was no longer needed. Fox59 is taking action to find out what happened to her job and how you can keep the same thing from happening to you.

“I was so upset,” said Kristin Hudson. “I was devastated. I thought I had a job and I no longer had a job,” said Kristin Hudson.

Hudson said she applied for the seasonal work at Amazon after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years. Now that her boys are in school, she wanted to help her husband with the bills and provide a better life for her family.

“This was so for sure. I had email confirmation, phone calls saying ‘please be here’, this and that and I thought the job was there,” Hudson said.

After a month of interviews, job testing, drug testing, orientation and filling out tax forms, she said she showed up at work and was told she was no longer needed.

“In the two minutes that I was there, before getting sent away there were about eight other people that got sent away too,” Hudson said.

Fox59 went to Integrity Staffing Solutions, which does all of the seasonal hiring for Amazon to find out why Kristin and others were let go before they even started. Integrity representatives said they base their staffing on the needs of their client, Amazon, each day.
“We strive to over communicate that these are seasonal positions. They’re subject to change without notice. This is stated throughout our entire process of recruitment and our application process,” said Jonathan Barnes, communications and marketing director for Integrity Staffing Solutions.

He said some people are turned away because of failed drug tests but that others just aren’t needed, depending on the workload that day. He said people who are hired for temporary jobs are still encouraged to look for other jobs outside of Amazon if they need full-time work.

“We never recommend that anyone ever quit a permanent job or give notice at that permanent job to take a temporary seasonal position,” Barnes said.

Integrity Staffing did say Hudson is eligible to be assigned to a different job within Amazon if there is one available and that she should have been given paperwork to do so when she was sent away on her first day of work.

“If there was a miscommunication on our side, I don’t want her to have to go through that rigmarole so I can contact her or she can contact me,” said Megan Couch, vice president of client relations for Integrity Staffing Solutions.

Hudson is now going to reconnect with Amazon to see if they can work something out, but she is still looking for other full-time work too.

“I don’t know how they can get away with something like that. To hire somebody and run these commercials saying they have open positions when they don’t and they’re turning people away,” Hudson said.

Couch said that while seasonal hiring is over, there are still a couple of open temporary positions that might work out for her.


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