Shelbyville man arrested in fatal hit-and-run crash on south side

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INDIANAPOLIS –  A Shelbyville man has been arrested in a deadly hit-and-run crash that killed an Indianapolis woman.

In custody is Greg Hudson, 50, Shelbyville. Indianapolis Metropolitan police arrested him on a charge of failure to stop after an accident causing death, a class C felony. Police told Fox59 that a community tip led to the arrest.

Kathy Clark, 63, died after being hit Sunday night. Witnesses found her body on Monday, about 17 hours after it happened near Meridian Street and Troy Avenue. Co-workers said Clark had arrived home safely that night, but was walking to see a friend play in a band.

Police said they were looking for a light-colored Ford F-150 with a camper shell.

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  • FutureIsOnUs

    Had he stopped he wouldnt have been in trouble unless of course he was unlicensed, uninsured, and or drunk. What happened to the old rule of ride with traffic and walk against it? It may have saved her life had she also followed the rules of the road!! Sad!!

    • Diana

      The details does not matter. A mother a grandmother and a long time friend of many many people is gone. I am glad that her death will be avenged and the family can have peace. Prayers are with them.

      • Marty

        I agree Diana, such a wounderful woman full of life that ended to soon, Kathy will be missed by so many people. I did not know her as long as you did but she did make an impact on everyone. It is sad that some people have to always have something negative to say, if they had known her they would realize how much it hurts to lose such a wounderful person. Prayers.

    • kari

      Rules of the road? Had the dam City put a sidewalk in there when they fixed the road, this may have been prevented. I hope he rots in jail. Rest in piece kathy!

  • kari

    Im the one who was at her vigil last night. In the pink jacket. I hope your petition gets so much attention that the city will do something useful with money instead of useless crap like stadiums and bike lanes.

  • Sheila

    Don't attack bike lanes! They are vital and people need to respect them. I can give many reasons why and I am sorry for the loss of this dear person. But please don't use her death as a way to attack something else because you don't utilize or agree with it. That's a Cheap Shot!

  • Caring alot

    There is another section that I asked the Mayor's office to put sidewalks in on the South side, where a young man was walking home from the Marsh store where he worked at on Thompson road. There should be sidewalks on from 9th street, going east on Thompson road. So many people are not fortunate to have a vehicle and have to walk. I see a lady that has to push a wheelchair down that street all the time and it's just so sad that our city doesn't care, unless it's something for themselves.

  • liamecaps

    As a cyclists and avid pedestrian, I believe that anyone that would hit and run needs to be punished.

    It's fairly often that I'm harassed by motorists. Sometimes just for riding in the road or walking down the street. Some are actually very angry, and knowing they could hit me and walk free is unsettling.

  • Shawn

    I knew Kathy personally she would want him to pay for what he did Kathy was one of the sweetest woman I knew and the only one to get my wife on the dance floor at the big dog. Kathy the boys of hurricane Jane will miss you dearly your energy brought new life to a room

  • anonymous

    This guy is a jerk. Have known him my whole life. He deserves to rot. But knowing his mother, she will have 633787544 excuses for him and try to pay the system off. That’s how she works. Prayers to the family of the victim…and to the wife and kids of the jerk. They’re good people.

    • Diana

      >Anonymous, That is probably why he left the scene and didn't turn his self in. Parents that don't let their kids take responsibility for their actions and make excuses for them grow up to be the same way. I know a few adults that when their parents died they could not get by because they didn't know how to be adults. Just sayin.

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