Dozens of vehicles involved in accident on I-70 near Plainfield; all lanes closed

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Indiana State Police reported 40 to 60 vehicles, including several semis, are involved in an accident at Interstate 70, just west of State Road 267 near Plainfield.

All lanes are closed in both directions.

Authorities said several people have been transported to Methodist and Hendricks Regional hospitals.

INDOT officials said the lanes are expected to be closed for eight hours.

Fox59 will update the story as more information becomes available.


  • matt baugh

    Me and my girlfriend were at the front of it it was crazy all u heard was lood noises scarest thing I have ever experience!!

  • Mimi

    The roads aren't slick at all. It was probably that drive that was swerving all over the place in a semi. He was driving like he was drunk or high on something. He almost hit us!!!! I really hope everyone is okay and alive. My man and I just pulled into the TA exit 59. Gonna wait about a couple of hours then head on out. Taking the back roads to OH to get unloaded. Be careful everyone!

  • RWL

    It is one thing and one thing only, TAIL GATEING. Especially "PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVERS". Slow down and get off the backside of the person in front of you. Of all of the people in that pile that was in such a hurry. Did you get to where you were going on time, or are you even alive.

    • IndyRacer57

      I wish I was still driving and some how get you to take one ride with me in a semi. See I am one of those Professional Truck Drivers. I don't know how many times a car past me and almost cut me off to get in front of me. Of course by this time, you see me and say I am following to close. Yes truck drivers are just like everyone else that is driving. there are good and bad drivers. .

  • H Diana Watkins

    Pray for all those involved……………..And yes rain snow r sunny they all drive to fast on the interstates…………have saw it so many times………..on 70 near the airport,,,,,,,

  • Duane

    RWL…You are correct. As a Professional Driver, it drives me insane to see a trucker "pushing" someone down the road. We ourselves always talk about how if a 4 wheeler hits their brakes after cutting us off, they're doomed 'cuz we cant stop in time. But then, you see Pro drivers pushing people down the road. Not saying thats what caused this, but as Pro's, we need to lead by example. I say, let the idiots be idiots. Its monkey see monkey do on the highways anymore. I dont care where I'm going, or how late I am, its not worth killing someone over or dying for to get there. It dont matter if you're 10 minutes late or an hour late, you're already late.

    • Katlyn

      For real!! My dad is also a professional truck driver. He actually lives in Danville not far from where this accident was. He would say the exact same thing. I am so glad I moved to California after living in Indianapolis for 20 years. I don't miss the snow and ice.

  • skitz

    this is why i avoid the interstates around indianapolis…. people drive too close to the car in front of them and too fast for the conditions…. there is a reason why the speed limit is what it is…. but, when snow, rain, cold come into play the optimal speed limit is not what is posted. i see speed limit signs that show a normal speed limit with a secondary sign for "trucks",…. do we seriously need to add a sign for "in adverse weather conditions???" people this is the mid-west

  • Guest

    My FD crew was on scene. A whiteout came through this area and the onset was very rapid, no warning. I personally witnessed the whiteout. The roads were almost instantly slick. Word of mouth is only 10 transports to hospitals from this ordeal. I will not give updates on my patient but it was bad. ACCIDENTS happen. I understand people need to place blame, but pure and simple truth (although never pure and rarely simple), is weather was the factor. None of those drivers had a chance to react in that whiteout. As far as I know, no fatalities. Pray to your faith of choice and give your thoughts and prayers to everyone affected. Some are fighting for their lives, some will be struggling financially now. And other are just trying to understand what happened.

  • Chris

    To all the stupid posters speaking about how the drivers of the vehicles need to learn how to drive. Imagine driving in clear conditions and suddenly within seconds, the world is completely white and you can't see a foot in front of your vehicle. Everyone tries to slow down or stop as they cannot see but unfortunately everyone is not wired or programmed together and people stop at different times causing chain reactions. The road is slick because it has been snowing off and on all day. And suddenly vehicles start hitting one another. Next time you criticize someone, perhaps you need to take a second yourself, put yourself in the conditions stated by the news, and realize that even as smart as you think you are, you would have gotten in an accident as well

  • Anonymous

    TAILGATING? PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVERS? Are you kidding me? Stop blaming truck drivers. Truck drivers are just like everyone else that is driving. There are good and bad ones. Same as four wheelers. Some are good and some are bad. I’m pretty sure this wreck was caused by the white out. I hope everyone is okay. God bless!

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