Police: Employee gave suspect information to use in Little Caesars armed robbery

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Two men have been arrested in connection with the armed robbery of the Little Caesars Pizza in Avon last week.

Rameil Pitamber, a 17-year-old Ben Davis High School student, was charged as an adult with armed robbery, theft and four counts of criminal confinement with a deadly weapon.

During the investigation, police determined Derrek Berryhill, an 18-year-old employee of the restaurant, provided information to Pitamber about the restaurant and the employees that would be working there at the time of the robbery.

Berryhill was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit armed robbery and one count of conspiracy to commit theft.

On Jan. 26, cameras caught a masked man armed with a gun enter the Little Caesars.  Employees were ordered at gunpoint to tie themselves up.

Pitamber and Berryhill were transported to the Hendricks County Jail.

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  • Jim

    Where's the charge of carrying a hand gun without a license or minor in possession of a handgun? Next, do some checking: was gun stolen? where did he get the gun? Bet it wasn't through legal channels.
    There are plenty of gun laws on the books already but they don't have much effect if they are not enforced. The DA should charge him with all applicable violations.

  • "Thor"

    Why are young people so violent? 85% of murders are by young people (30 and under) and the majority of those are in the black community. Why?

    • Macc

      Those my lil bros. they werent going to hurt anyone. They just wanted to scare the employees so they could get paid.

      A VICTIMLESS CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    The parents of these THUGS are responsible. It is time that the laws change and start holding crack head parents accountable. I find it so disturbing that young people are so violent. If I was the law, I would clean this city up in one sweep.

    • (A White MAN)

      Linda that sounds very ignorant….. that is like saying our ancestors should be held accountable for our personal mistakes. And how do you know their parents are crackheads? Very racial and ignorant very sad. You and many others is why Indiana is in the 'state' that it is in and we will always be behind if you those like you make judgmental comments and thoughts as such.

      • Linda

        You have a right to your comment as I DO.. Everytime there is a comment such as mine, someone wants to say "YOU AND MANY OTHERS IS WHY INDIANA IS IN THE "STATE" THAT IS IN AND WILL ALWSYS BE " etc. "YOU ARE IGNORANT AND RACIST" I try really hard not be so negative, BUT give me a break. IT IS WHAT IT IS. DId your parents raise you to be a THUG? Mine didn't. So if you want to argue you have met your match. However, I am finished. Perhaps you can pray for me. lol

      • MisC

        Coming from a WHITE girl– you can't blame the parents! Seriously? I graduated highschool in the top 100 of 1200 students– I went to college I got married and have babies— So you are saying my parents have good parenting skills? —Check this— MY brother has done 7 years in prison– now my parents are crack heads huh? Truth is– MY parents are CHRISTIANS!!!
        MY parents have done everything in their power to keep their children on the right path— You, Linda, are ignorant!

  • LoneStar

    This is why more people need to get a Concealed Carry License and trained to use a hand gun to at least help put a dent in crimes like this.

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