Twitter account, photos get teacher in trouble, spawn support campaign

AURORA, Colo. – A 23-year-old Colorado teacher is in trouble after tweeting suggestive photos of herself and messages about drug use–but students are coming to her defense.

Carly McKinney, a math teacher, posted on Twitter as @Crunk_Bear. Pictures linked to that account show a woman, presumably McKinney, semi-nude in different poses. Occasionally, she’s topless and drinking alcohol or smoking what appears to be pot.

Students said they can relate to McKinney and don’t think that she should be punished for what she does in her time away from school. They’ve shown their support via Twitter with the #FreeCrunkBear hashtag.

McKinney has been placed on paid leave by the school. She said the Twitter account was meant to be a parody started by her and a friend. She plans to meet with school officials next week.

Read more about the case and the #FreeCrunkBear movement on the Huffington Post.


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