Witnesses: Man jumps into White River to save woman who fell

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river rescue

Image courtesy Mark Imhoff

INDIANAPOLIS – Two people are safe after a water rescue in the White River in which a man jumped from a bridge to save a woman who’d fallen in the water.

Crews were called to the area south of Military Park and the IUPUI campus Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses said the woman fell into the water and the man jumped in to rescue her. Witnesses told Fox59 that the woman had been taking pictures and slipped. The man held the woman until crews could arrive.

According to the Indianapolis Fire Department, the pair was stranded in water about four feet deep. The IFD Dive Team recovered them about eight minutes after their rescue boat got into the water.

Both were taken to area hospitals after being in the cold water. According to IFD, they from hypothermia.

river rescue4

Courtesy: Indianapolis Fire Department

river rescue3

Courtesy: Indianapolis Fire Department

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Courtesy: Indianapolis Fire Department

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Image courtesy Mark Imhoff


  • April

    Its people like this that still gives me hope on humanity. There still are some good people out there and I hope it gets some recognition for his heroic deeds.

  • Jeni

    Perhaps he does not want recognition and wants to be left alone. Respect that! Let him be and give him privacy if that is what he wants. We need more people like him in this world. I have just a bit more hope for humanity today 🙂

    • Heather

      I agree with both April and Jeni. Recognize the fact that "someone" helped her and respect his right to help someone without wanting attention from it. THAT makes him a better person than one that jumps in for all the attention he knows he will get.

  • Jenny

    I am thankful he was willing to help..and I dont mean this to sound rude or sarcastic…but if the water was only 4 feet deep..why couldn't they stand up and walk to the shore???

    • Heather

      Strong current? I know nothing about where they fell in. Maybe with 4 foot of water and really deep mud they were sinking and couldn't get out? Who knows lol Or maybe they were debilitated by the cold and could barely move? Or? I don't know

  • Sara

    well at this point… it doesnt matter how deep the water is!!! some people cant swim!!! another thing, why is it always a story to tell the world!!! maybe some people just dont want to be on the spot!!!

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