Former Indianapolis mayor divorcing wife of 24 years

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Former Indianapolis Mayor Steve Goldsmith and his wife of 24 years are getting a divorce. The paperwork was filed in court Thursday.

The couple split up last summer.

In 2011, Goldsmith was arrested in Washington, D.C., on a domestic violence charge. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing.


  • Reese

    Divorces are filed in the court system every day. I'm not sure that just because he had been a Governor, that this should have taken up News Air time. If people are really interested, they are people that read the section of the paper where it tells the names of people that have filed for divorce, to get married, new babies born, etc. etc. . .

    • "Thor"

      Who reads the paper anymore? I'm not a techie but I've not read the paper for years.Info on the net is much faster and much easier to verify with other sources. Papers, like the old (main) stream media are no longer journalistic in nature, but rather opinions void of truth. In other words, they push an agenda and it has been that way for some time.

  • Guest

    I think the fact he was our former mayor makes it Indianapolis "note worthy." Not much bigger political figure on the Indianapolis scene….for IndyNews?

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