Police search for suspect after dog found with gunshot wounds

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WESTFIELD– The Westfield Police Department is investigating a case of animal cruelty after a dog was found suffering from two gunshot wounds.

On Jan. 30, officers were dispatched to the 16700 block of Eagletown Road after a caller reported a stray dog appeared to be in poor health.  When the officers arrived to the scene, they found a white American bulldog wrapped in a blanket.

Authorities said the dog, who was later named Cupid, was not wearing a collar and was not micro chipped.  Cupid was transported to the Hamilton County Humane Society, but shortly after, he was transferred to an animal hospital in Fishers for treatment.

It was determined the dog was shot twice with a small caliber handgun.  Both of the bullets were successfully removed, and officials said Cupid is expected to make a full recovery.

If you have any information about the dog’s owner or any information regarding this crime, please contact Westfield police at 317-804-3200.


  • martinstucky

    Find who ever did this and shoot them twice with a small caliber handgun and dump them in a corn field. Let's see how they like it!

  • Kelly

    I am so disgusted with this. I am so sick of people abusing innocent, helpless animals. I'm glad he will make a full recovery and hopefully a wonderful family will adopt him.

  • Jeff

    The great Doctors and folks at Parkside Animal Hospital in Fishers are the ones who saved Cupid's life. Way to go!!

  • karen

    Whoever shoots an innocent animal and leaves them to die is nothing but a cold hearted selfish COWARD!! I pray this dog recovers. To bad the dog didnt bite whoever shot it.

  • Guest

    The dog probably did bite the owners kid, etc. I'd shoot any dog that bit my kids. Either way it's not our place to speculate or judge

  • debbie

    The person that comment it was a dog an not a human are you crazy come to think of it you might be the shooter!!!! they need to investigate you no one should hurt animals are humans stupid

  • Jerry L Doty

    He didn't look that vicious on the news bub. They said he was able to find a little boy and followed him home and got help.. No it isn't for us to judge or make allegations.. And if a dog does need put down for biting there are more humane ways of doing it, and not shooting the animal in the stomache twice…

  • tammy

    the dog didnt bite anyone! his owner is on the way to pick him up and no the owner didnt do this to his baby! how quick people are to judge the dog but not the shooter! what a shame!

    • jjj

      Then why does the other story say the dog is gonna be available for adoption soon?

      The owner has huge bill, or they can't get their dog back, could this be the reason?

  • Terry

    I have adopted this sweet dog from the Hamilton county Humane Society. They dont know who the owner is or who shot him. He is one of the most sweet and loving dogs I have ever had.

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