IPL warns customers about phone scam involving bill payment

Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) is warning customers Friday about a phone scam involving customers’ bill payments.

The company said customers have reported they have been contacted by callers, claiming to represent IPL.  The callers tell customers their electric services will be disconnected due to non-payment of bills.  The scammers then instruct the customers to purchase a green.dot Money Pak, a re-loadable card that can be used like a debit or credit card, at a local convenience store and call a phone number to make the payment.

After the customer purchases the card and calls the phone number provided, the customer is then directed to another phone number where the card information is obtained and the cash value is removed from the card.

This scam is similar to one that occurred last summer, the company reported.  Additionally, they said other utility companies across the U.S. have received similar customer complaints in recent weeks.

IPL officials wish to remind customers that if an IPL employee calls, they will have specific and accurate information relating to the customer’s account.  Additionally, they said they do not require or strongly recommend a specific payment method or type.

Customers are asked to notify IPL if they receive a similar call to verify the caller is actually an IPL employee.  The number to call is 317-261-8222.  Those impacted by this scam should report it immediately to their local police department.

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