Man hopes Hoosiers can help him remember who he is

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Benjaman Kyle has come to Indianapolis for the first time he can remember.  But he’s also certain it’s not the first time he’s been here.

Benjaman suffers from dissassociative amnesia.  He’s convinced he grew up in Indianapolis.  But because of his rare condition, Benjaman Kyle has no idea who he really is.

He lost his memory at a Burger King in Georgia in 2004.  He was beaten and left for dead behind a dumpster.  He was found naked, with no ID and no memory of what happened or why.  When he woke up in the hospital, all he knew was that his name was Benjaman.

“I just wanted them to leave me alone.  I didn’t want to deal with this.  They had to have a last name.  They were calling me BK Doe, so I just said Kyle, that was the only name I could think of,” said Benjaman.

From the moment he arrived in  Indianapolis, Benjaman talked about how familiar everything seemed.  Sights like Monument Circle triggered memories as well, though much has changed in the 50 years since he many have walked around the city as a child.

Members of the Indiana Historical Society even pulled out pictures of Indianapolis from the 50’s and 60’s..hoping to jog Benjaman’s memory and trigger a “eureka” moment for him. Nothing seemed to work.

"I never get my hopes up really high because it's been almost nine years now,” said Benjaman.

Ultimately, nothing Benjaman saw on his trip back to Indianapolis provided the key that would unlock his mind and restore his official identity.  For him, it’s more than a mystery, it’s the only chance for a normal, productive life.

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  • Tammy Ward

    Poor guy such a sad story i sure hope something good comes from his story:(
    My thoughts and prayers are with this man, god bless and please keep us updated i will be thinking of him.

  • Linda D. Walker

    I know this is a long shot, but this guy looks like someone I knew in the late 60's when I worked at H.P. Wasson & Co. (which was on Meridian, just south of Monument Circle). His name was William Lee Miller. After Wasson's, I believe he went to work for Eli Lilly. When I was married in 1971, I lost track of him. Benjaman is about the right age, height, and strikingly similary look. Bill was an Army special forces vet and was wounded (shot through the shoulder) in Vietnam. If this is the same man, he should have fingerprints on file with the VA. He was a great guy, and I used to order his lunch for him at Wasson's so that he wouldn't be off the sales floor too long. He always had the same thing: cheeseburger with everything on white bread and a chocolate milk. Whatever happens, I hope and pray Benjaman finds his past. If he is Bill Miller, send him my way – he was a terrific friend and I miss him.

  • Paul

    Dumb comment maybe,But surly someone has checked his finger prints against FBI & military records???? Hope he can regain his true identity, that would be a tough load to carry. Also has anyone done a reverse progression from his current likeness to what he might have looked like? I'd think the hospital that cared for him in Georgia had photos taken at the time of the accident??

    • Pam Brearley

      they did the finger prints and nothing came up, which means he wasnt in the military or has not been in any trouble. also, there is an age progression that was done and showed on dr. phil show.he was on there a couple of years ago…

    • Benjaman Kyle

      FBI cannot find any records of me in any database that they have access to. No photos were taken by the hospital and no search was done until 3 years later.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    I know who he is. He's Captain Quint and skipper of a deep sea fishing boat and an accomplish shark hunter.

    "You go inside the cage?
    Cage goes in the water?
    You go in the water?
    Shark's in the water?

  • Bev

    He looks like a guy that I went to John Marshall High School with back in the sixties. The last time I talked to him was at our twenty-fifth high school reunion. He worked for IPL and lived over near Butler. I believe he lost a young son while he was downtown participating in a marathon. His name was Robert Blankenship. I don't know that it is him but I don't know that it isn't.

  • mike

    I have a feeling this guy is full of it. Why Indianapolis? He could have been just as well walking around Louisville.No finger prints etc. Highly Suspect.

  • Tracey

    Mike, if you'd made any effort to follow his story you'd see that the entire record of his injury, recovery, and this search is a matter of public record. He's not profiting (horrors!) from this. In fact after he'd recovered enough to be released from medical care, he ended up sleeping in a park for years because with no SSN or ID of any kind, he couldn't get a job or housing–couldn't even stay in homeless shelters because they require ID! The "feeling" you have about him being "full of it" is really your own sense of unease over this guy's untenable situation and the fear it could happen to you. My fingerprints aren't on file anywhere. Most law-abiding citizens' fingerprints aren't.

  • Bev

    oops, if this is the guy that I thought from Marshall High School, it was my twentieth reunion that I spoke to him not the twenty-fifth. That would have been in July of 1990.

  • Brenda

    Are they doing any DNA testing? In reading the above comments, there were two people who came up with names and places they were sure they knew him from. Perhaps he had brothers who closely resembled him and they are still in Indy. If some kind of familial DNA match can be done through local hospital records, maybe at least a relative can be located.

  • blue fairy

    He was not beaten and left for dead-this article is not only vague but poorly sourced. He is a diagnosed schizophrenic who was discovered naked and sleeping next to a dumpster at a Burger King. Google the UK guardian interview he gave disclosing his schizophrenia. I find it disturbing that Fox would cherry pick information about this man in order to further exploit his condition for the sake of a story.

  • Shannon

    Blue Fairy, I read the article you mentioned, and although he was diagnosed with episodes of schizophrenia after the incident, he was found BEATEN unconscious, as well as naked, behind the dumpster. He was not sleeping, he was knocked out. He could easily have both schizophrenia AND amnesia, just like you can have a cold AND a separate sinus infection. He has every reason to come forward with his identity since he has come forward with the mental diagnosis.

  • CrissyLoveChild

    He kind of looks like a guy named Dave Capps who my Dad did some remodeling work for when I was a teenager. They made a deal somehow and my Dad ended up with his pretty blue 71 Chevelle SS…Its been 20 years since I've seen him so my memory is not too clear, but thought I would throw the name out there. I remember Dave had pretty eyes like this guy. Is there some way the FBI could run his picture through some kind of photo archive? Ya know, like they do on shows like CSI when they are trying to track down bad guys? …or fingerprints… Unless he has never been arrested. I used to work for the BMV and those driver license pictures are stored in the computer system somewhere. Just a suggestion. I bet his family is missing him…so sad. I hope he finds them.

    • Benjaman Kyle

      CSI is a TV show. In real life it took six months to get me entered into CODIS and ,even then, they had to move me up on the list. There is a two year backlog on getting rape case DNA entered into CODIS.

  • Bev

    Benjamin, did you look into any of the leads as to possible chances of being related to people mentioned here, if not the actual person? You remind me of a guy that attended the same high school as I. If you worked at Indianapolis Power and Light, would they maybe have fingerprints on file? Do you ever worry about maybe finding things out that you would rather not know? Or is there possibly a reason that your mind wants to forget?

  • Bev

    Just a suggestion: try driving around the Butler area or the eastside around what was John Marshall High School. Maybe that could trigger a memory.

  • Bev

    See if you can pull some pictures up on the computer of the Butler area as well as John Marshall High School. I wish you well and hope that your memory will come back enough to find out whom you are. To me it seems that maybe you were ending a part of your life and moving on, so no one thought it strange to not hear from you. They may have searched for a few years and finally gave up.

  • Debbie

    It was brouht to my attention that you look alot like some people in our area ( Pekin, In. ) and the last name is Staser.

  • Sherry P

    Husband said it looks like Kenny Stacer, and a facebook friend from Pekin, IN said the same thing. When my husband knew him years ago, he lived in Sellersburg, IN.

  • Sherry P

    My husband says it looks like a guy named Kenny Stacer. He used to live in Sellersburg years ago and did HVAC work. Another friend on facebook said the same thing.

  • Molly S.

    I am into genealogy and of have done several DNA testings. This is what I suggest and this would be a great story for you to continue. Have Benjaman's DNA testing, since and are the most popular I would use them. Maybe you can do a sort of " reverse genealogy". Maybe, he will find family members that may know the answer. Just let me know if my idea helps.

  • Pam Brearley

    To Molly S. I read that they have done DNA testing on him…and I think it found people with similar DNA in N. Carolina.

  • cshaefer

    Hey friend, I remember your visit to Indiana Historical Soc. Did not know your story. I was working in Destination Indiana that day and if I recall, you mostly wanted info on downtown. Point being, did anyone mention the local kiddie shows of the 60's? You might want to look in to (youtube, google, facebook) Harlow Hickenlooper, the Sat. morning host of 3 Stooges, Popeye and Janie, Sammy Terry (scary movie host) and/or Cowboy Bob's Chuck Wagon (corral? theater?) If you remember these guys (gal) You are probably from Indy. Also, some neighborhood theaters like the Irving, the Emerson, the Arlington, Rivoli, Eastwood…I only know the East side, but it's worth a try.
    Hope this helps and all the best in your search for you.

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