International arrest warrant issued in Noblesville custody battle

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An international arrest warrant has been issued for a Noblesville man at the center of a custody battle.

Fox59 has been following the case of Nikos Zagaris for more than a year now.

He is wanted for taking his son, Leo, to Greece in August 2011. Nikos is accused keeping Leo there, despite not having legal custody of him.

The boy’s mother, Alyssa, has been fighting to get her son back home.

In December, a Greek court upheld a ruling that the boy must be returned to the U.S.

Alyssa said she hopes to pick up Leo either this week or next.


  • cjmo2662

    I hope it happens. Parents who use their kids as weapons don't deserve them! I hope the dad gets time behind bars! Til the boy grows up would work!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    This happens far too often in international relationships, especially those where the guy's country of origin is patriarchal.

  • John

    It happens all the time right here!! I'm an Over the road driver. I left my Wife & 2 kids to go out & make a run in March 1990. When I came home 10 days later, my house was empty (along with my bank account) & she & the kids were gone. When did I finally find them?? In May of 2011. She had changed her name & their names. 20 yrs of reciepts I have from Lawyers, court proceedings, private detectives, where I tried to find them. To this day, she is still trying to convince me her & the kids were kidnapped. But yet, 20 yrs later, she's still with the same guy who allegedly kidnapped them. OK. Yeah. Right!!

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