‘Nowhere man’ hopes to find clues to true identity

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His name is Benjaman Kyle and he thinks he’s from Central Indiana—but Benjaman can’t really be sure of anything about his past.

Benjaman lives with a rare condition called dissociative amnesia. He was a victim of a violent crime in Georgia almost nine years ago.

When he woke up in the hospital, Benjaman couldn’t remember anything about his past. Not his name, not his background, nothing. With no identification and no way of finding out his identity, he ended up homeless on the streets.

Tonight at 10, Fox59 follows Benjaman as he returns to Central Indiana for the first time since losing his memory. We watch as the sights and sounds of the Circle City jog his memory.

Watch tonight to see if you recognize the “Nowhere Man” and find out more about his case at findingbenjaman.com.


  • Leslie Posey

    He was at my sale on woodruff place east drive woodruff pl I remember he had a wife and little girl
    his wife was thin about 5 ft 4 and had thin brown hair
    Little girl i think had blond hair and kind of chubby about 6-7
    I remember he said he was an electrician he bought some wire on a roll
    it has been around 10 years
    Sorry if im wrong but its worth a chance

    • Dillion

      I would def make sure Fox hears/sees this…Send them an email or something. As you said it's worth a chance!! 🙂 God Bless

  • jose


    We are a church located in 9502 Angola Ct indianapolis, Indiana 46268 and we see a lot of miracle made it from God if this guy believe in God we can help please give us a call 317-802-9208 are church name is Casa de transformacion and are web http://www.casadetransformacion.org we can help just believe in the supernatural power of God…… send your team from fox 59 and you will see what is god is doing……

  • Kim

    I feel like I worked with him in the mid 80's at what was then the Adam's Mark Hotel near the airport. If I recall correctly he worked in one of the restaurants or a Chef maybe.

  • DJD812

    I hope they ask him if his DNA is in CODIS or in a state database. If he was reported missing at any time, his family may have submitted DNA. Hopefully fox59 will ask him.

  • Heather

    The news is so vague so you will watch it again when it comes on with the full story. That's how they get us coming back lol

  • Pam Brearley

    I saw the age progression pics from when he was on dr. phil a couple of years ago. the youngest one looked familiar to me…like maybe someone i had worked with in the 70s. all i can come up with is maybe he worked at Mr. Steak on US 31 Greenwood with me between 1971-73. Dont remember a name or anything. Is there any way to find out?

    • MJJ

      How far back do the restaurant's personnel records go? Maybe there's a driver's license with a photo and other information in their files.

  • blue fairy

    He was not beaten and left for dead-this article is not only vague but poorly sourced. He is a diagnosed schizophrenic who was discovered naked and sleeping next to a dumpster at a Burger King. Google the UK guardian interview he gave disclosing his schizophrenia. I find it disturbing that Fox would cherry pick information about this man in order to further exploit his condition for the sake of a story.

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