Pair in good condition following north side shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS — A pair of men are in good condition following an apparent shooting and possible armed robbery.

Police responded to the 2300 block of East 40th Street, near East 38th Street and North Keystone Avenue, on reports of a person shot around 11:15 p.m. Sunday.

When they arrived, officers found one victim shot in the back laying on the porch of a house. A second victim was found nearby, shot in the leg.

According to a public police report, one victims told police the pair was walking in the 4300 block of North Guilford Avenue when two men came up to them saying “This is a robbery, give it up.”

The pair took off running and, according to the victim’s statement, the suspects shot them.

The second victim gave police a slightly different story.

He told police the pair was walking along the 4300 block of North Guilford Avenue approaching a white house with people on the porch. That’s when they heard gunfire, began running and were shot.

Both victims told police they called a relative that transported them from the Guilford location to the East 40th Street location.

Detectives located various shell casings along Guilford. Medics transported both victims to Wishard Hospital in good condition.


  • MisC

    What really happened is they tried to rob someone and got shot— if they were innocent their stories would have matched!!

      • "Thor"

        I don't know about Greenwood Chris, but nobody from New Palestine (notice correct spelling) would be dumb enough to be in that area at that time of night. Just as I'm also sure you would not be dumb enough to walk around Fairland at that time of night. 🙂

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    This entire story smells of bullsheet. They called a relative to ferry them to a different location and then called for help?

    lol…either as the poster stated above they tried to rob someone or more likely, they tried to cop some drugs and got held up.

  • Kisha

    We are always so quick to jump to conclusion until it’s someone we know or love. The stories conflict because it happened so fast without provocation. Someone tried to rob them, no drugs no gang banging, they had a relative who use to live on the block and were going to meet that relative at an acquaintance house. The ride was not waiting in the getaway car but was also there just lucky to have not been shot and able to get them away. Sometimes the stories just get retold wrong and facts are modified to tell a better story and perpetuate violence and negativity.

  • DJHB317

    Unfortunately the facts of this incident wont come out until the conclution of the investigation, the truth still may not come out after that. It is sad that people always expect foul play just because it took place in a turbulent community. The East side is terrible in terms of the crime but that doesn't mean that all the people that reside there are part of that problem.

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