Mom thankful to be alive after police chase ends in crash

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Erin Walsh is thankful she and her 3-year-old daughter were able to walk away from Wednesday morning’s four vehicle crash in Brownsburg.

“We’re okay. Thank God we’re okay,” said Walsh.

Erin was at the intersection of 56th and Northfield Drive waiting at the light.

“I was waiting in the straight lane. I saw a bunch of lights coming. Honestly, I thought it was a funeral precession,” Walsh explained.

When she realized it was a police pursuit, she became nervous.

“When people say your life flashes before your eyes, you see it coming and you know it’s coming and it was horrible.”

Police said two teenagers driving a Ford SUV ran through the light, clipped a white car with one person in the vehicle, then collided into a red car with an elderly couple inside, that impacted with Walsh’s SUV.

“It was scary, very scary,” says Walsh.

The pursuit began in Marion County. Lachle Lane said police began pursuing the SUV at 30th and Lafayette Road, 10 miles away from where the chase ended.

“Police were trying to do the pit maneuver on him and they hit him and he was stopped for like a split second and they jumped out of the cars with their guns, but he took off again going straight up 38th Street.”

Lane said she was on her way to Brownsburg where her parent’s live, not knowing that the chase she saw in Indianapolis would end a few blocks away from their home.

“It’s just scary because that could have been me and my sisters. We could have been on our way to the hospital.”

IMPD says the pursuit was necessary.

An officer at the scene told FOX59 the suspects were going 90 miles at times during the chase.