Two dead after Greenwood shooting, high-speed chase

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The hole has been boarded up at the house in Camby, after a Dodge truck drove right through the front door.  The man behind the wheel, killed himself after he allegedly killed his estranged wife’s boyfriend.

“It is crazy,” said apartment resident Shelby Henry,  “especially here at these apartments because they are so nice.”

After leaving the murder scene, the blue, Dodge truck was spotted at a Greenwood area Meijer.  Police chased the truck through several towns and neighborhoods.

“It was like happening in slow motion,” said witness Brandon McKee.

As the truck was speeding down Aylesworth Drive it headed right for McKee.

“You always wonder how you are going to react in certain situations and this was pure shock,” said McKee.  “Pure shock.”

The truck swerved off the road and into the grass.  It flattened several trees, then smashed into a house.

“It was loud, it shook the ground,” said neighbor Emily McLouth.  “It literally did. Then police were yelling, ‘Get back in your house.'”

Investigators said the driver had a gun in his truck and shot himself with it.

“I heard the horn blaring as if he was slumped over the steering wheel,” said McKee. “Then they pulled him out and saw, what looked to me, like two bullet holes in his chest.”

The driver was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Greenwood Police Department is not releasing the name of the people involved in the incident.

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