Facebook continues to take cancer survivor’s tattoo photo down

A woman who had a double mastectomy commissioned an elaborate tattoo to hide the scars.

When the tattoo parlor posted a photo of the work on Facebook, the social networking giant repeatedly took it down, saying it violated the no-nudity policy.

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  • Griffons 3

    I've seen a lot worse on FB, TV, the news, etc. I think this is a very different idea and might not be for everyone. But there could be many tatoos to choose from~~lots of variety and an alternative to reconstructive surgery that is not for everyone.

  • Cindy

    Beautiful tattoo. Beating cancer is something to be proud of and she showed that she is the boss of her own body.

  • Tabitha

    What a beautiful way to show your strength over what can be a very devastating disease. Like Griffons said we have all see much worse things on general websites (facebook included!), TV etc. Heck I would much rather my daughters see more photos like this (of a strong woman) than those tromping around half naked just cause they think they look cute.

  • guest

    WHERE is the nudity ???? It's better than some articles of clothing that skimpy halter tops and bikini tops wearers wear.

  • Rick

    What do you expect from a liberal owned website. Zuckerberg is up Obamas you know what and has no idea of what the other liberals working for him do. Facebook is nothing more than a joke for the sheeple of this country to keep their attention off of where this country is heading. Congrats to this lady for beating cancer, which I have also done !

  • debi

    she's not nude , she is a SURVIVOR , congrats to whomever you are and wherever you are , you deserve to do and be anything you want to be , i think it is a beautiful tattoo , you go girl , SURVIVOR ❤

  • Toni

    Wow Facebook….a no nudity policy? if that's the case then all of those "porn" and "exposing hoes" pages should be shut down immediately. This is a beautiful work of art, with a beautiful survivor behind it. Facebook is getting ridiculously out of hand.

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