Man claims tattoos, gender cost him job interview

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INDIANAPOLIS – Republic Airways faces a discrimination complaint after a man claims the company didn’t interview him because of tattoos on his arms.

According to the Indiana Civil Rights Commission (ICRC), the man applied for a job in May 2012 as a flight attendant with the airline, but was not interviewed for the job because of his tattoos. He said Republic discriminated against him because he wasn’t offered a waiver as female employees have been in the past. The ICRC has determined that probable cause exists in the case.

The man said he could’ve concealed his tattoos under the airline’s uniform, which includes a long-sleeved shirt. He believes he was denied an interview because of his gender.

Female employees with tattoos are allowed to sign a waiver agreeing to cover their tattoos. The man said he wasn’t given that opportunity.

The man has to prove that he was qualified for the position and that a less-qualified female applicant got the job or that the position remained open.


  • safety guy

    Can't look like a thug and get a job. When you're getting a sweet barb wire tat or a tramp stamp you have to think, "I'm going to regret this later"

    • Jesse

      I was thinking the same thing. Probably forgot to shave and smelled like B.O too. People are judged based on appearance in job interviews on a daily basis. Why is this newsworthy?

  • kayllie

    Who are you to assume it was something thuggish that he had on his arm? my husband has an inverted rifle on his left forearm. its not thuggish. i think if the tattoo is not vulger or demeaning they should not be treated as trash because they have tattoos. if the females are allowed a waiver then men should be to.

    • Steve

      Physical manifestation of a mental defect. Think about it. Think about all the stupid decisions he's made. Do you see a pattern? You can't see the mental thought process, only behaviors. Tatoos et. al are what you can see. Maybe you lack critical thinking skills, too. If you didn't, you wouldn't have made this bad decision.

  • Holli

    It doesn't matter, tattoos or not, if the airlines hired a less qualified female applicant, it is reverse discrimination and the man filing the lawsuit is going to have lots of money.

  • Johnny West

    In decades to come, tattoos are going to be seen as a great dividing line. Those who get them are going to be looked at as "less than" those who do not get them. Let's face it, it's a dying fad who's time has come to end. They're almost ALL very badly drawn and always make people look far worse than they did without them. Nobody who gets them wants to admit it, but deep down they know they look horrible yet they keep getting more and more. I wouldn't hire someone with them either, they are a mark on the body that immediately says "I make bad decisions."

  • Denver

    Elijah, that was the case in the old testament (considered OLD LAW) people also had to sacrifice animals and put blood over there doors in the ols testament (a little out dated I think) Also, what
    version of the Bible is that? NIV (New Incomplete Version)? My Bible never mentions the word "TATTOOS". Tell me a verse in the New Testament saying Tattoos are a sin?

    • Gat Monkey

      "old testament (considered OLD LAW) "

      Yay!!! Since we're not paying attention to that old law, is it cool for me to rob, kill and take other guy's wives(after I kill them of course).

      Is taking another guy's wife stealing or adultery?

  • Bill

    There are plenty of jobs for people with tats and jobs for people without tats…..U need to think before u get the tat what kind of job u want. Right or wrong I would not hire folks loaded up with tats because they would have to deal with the public and that would put my business at risk……

  • Steve

    Tatoos are a physical manifestation of a mental defect. Same for nose rings, eyebrow rings, and tongue studs. If you have one or more of these, you made a bad decicison. If you're not bright enough to cover them up when you apply for a job, you deserve what you get…..nothing! Too many normal people available in the marketplace now due to the economy to hire these losers.

    • Steve

      Forgot to include the pink, green, blue hair group in my previous post. Might get a job at McDonald's….but even they have standards.

  • Guest

    That's ridiculous. I work with some of the most intelligent physicians, PA's and nurses that have tats. It's personal preference and does not make someone "dirty" or "less than" anyone else. Lol. I agree, you should look professional and cover them up for a job interview though.

    • Steve

      A physical manifestation of a mental defect of some sort, regardless if they're a doctor, lawyer, or Indian chief.Time to come back down to earth there, grasshopper.

  • debi

    what is it with all you weirdos that think tattoos make a difference , they shouldnt , they are beautiful art , turn your head the other way if you dont like body art is what i say , i hope this man takes this to the fullest possible discrimination lawsuit possible , all because he tattoos that can be covered by uniform , that does not make him a bad person or undeserving of the job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you win this buddy , tattoo girl :)

  • Jeffery

    The airlines need people who can make decisions in case of emergency. For the safety of everyone on the plane. People with tattoos obvously can't make good decisions.

  • Guest

    WHOA, KIDS. Calm down a minute. I work for Republic Airlines AND I have tattoos. So knock it off with the 'tattoos are evil' comments. This goober obviously didn't dress appropriately for his interview. Who wears a sleeveless shirt to an interview? And Because he was male? I call BS on that. We have just as many male flight attendants as females. Sorry but I have no sympathy for this derpy one.

  • Tiffany

    I worked for republic for 5 years as a flight attendant before having a child and resigning for that reason. They hire men and women with tattoos daily, this man was obviously lacking other qualifications. An friend applied at the same time as I and she was not offered the job. You do not see an article about her taking republic to court because I have straight hair and she has curly. This is simply a situation where the next person was more qualified for the position.

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