Police: Man, 36, shoved marijuana down 17-year-old girlfriend’s shirt

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A 36-year-old Mount Vernon man was arrested after police say he stuck marijuana down his 17-year-old girlfriend’s shirt in order to hide it from authorities.

Police pulled Joseph Tieken over for reportedly driving 17 mph above the speed limit. The trooper said he smelled marijuana while talking to Tieken.

Police said Tieken had been smoking marijuana just before he was pulled over. Further investigation revealed he had shoved the bag of marijuana inside his girlfriend’s shirt just before the trooper came to Tieken’s car, officials said.

Tieken faces charges of possession of marijuana with a prior conviction and possession of drug paraphernalia. The 17-year-old was not arrested.


  • Snark

    More than twice this girl's age and ditches his weed on her to avoid arrest. What a man he is.Take a good look at his face ladies. Stay away from this loser.

    • Markas

      Better check your facts one more time before you get in trouble… 16 is the minimum among the 50 states.

      If you want to have sex with 14 or 15 year old girls, do what all the other pedos do… join the army and serve in Germany or Italy.

  • Ann

    Now that is a face only a mother could love. I’m sure the predator is the 17 yo girl who most likely was w this idiot to get her drugs for free.

  • whoozit

    16 is the age of legal consent here in Indiana. Unless you are in a position of authority (i.e. a teacher, doctor or whatnot)

    • Bree

      I get so sick of people relying on the "legal" consent age of 16! That is like sleeping with your daughter…it's MORALLY not right!! Please find a REAL GROWN WOMAN, who has the mind of a grown woman! Grow up pervs!

  • malcolmkyle

    Prohibition has finally run its course: Our prisons are full, our economy is in ruins, the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of Americans have been destroyed or severely disrupted. What was once a shining beacon of liberty and prosperity has become a toxic, repressive, smoldering heap of hypocrisy and a gross affront to fundamental human decency.

    If you sincerely believe that prohibition is a dangerous and counter-productive policy then you can stop helping to enforce it. You are entitled—required even—to act according to your conscience.

    * It only takes one juror to prevent a guilty verdict.
    * You are not lawfully required to disclose your voting intention before taking your seat on a jury.
    * You are also not required to give a reason to the other jurors on your position when voting. Simply state that you find the accused not guilty.
    * Jurors must understand that it is their opinion, their vote. If the Judge and the other jurors disapprove, too bad. There is no punishment for having a dissenting opinion.

    We must create what we can no longer afford to wait for and end the most destructive, dysfunctional, dishonest and racist social policy since Slavery.

    If you wish to replace prohibition with a more sensible system of regulation, PLEASE VOTE TO ACQUIT!

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      OH boy!

      So, pot head, if we make weed legal it'll solve all the ills of the world.

      Well…okay…if you say so.

    • MeatPlow

      the only thing he did wrong was feel up his girlfriend during a traffic stop. he should have taken the situation more seriously.

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