Two found dead in apparent murder-suicide

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Police are investigating a possible murder-suicide on the east side of Indianapolis.

Investigators were called to the 1800 block of North Priscilla Avenue around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night after a family member found the bodies of a husband and wife.

Detectives are still investigating what happened and possibly led up to the incident inside the home. They have yet to release the identities of the couple.

Friends who spoke to Fox59 News off camera said the couple had two children together, and police said there appear to be other children from previous relationships.

“There were not kids at home at the time of the incident,” said IMPD Public Information Officer Kendale Adams. “The kids, I understand, were at a daycare facility.”

Adams said those children are too young to know what took place. Family members who showed up at the scene were working with investigators to piece together what happened. They also spoke to members of the victim’s assistance team and the chaplain about the tough decisions that follow.

“Trying to negotiate where the children will go, who the children will stay with,” officer Adams said, “make sure that the family is well notified about the incident. That’s kind of the role that you see here. We want to make sure that the family is comfortable about what’s going on.”

Adams said it was too early to say whether officers have previously responded to the home. A family friend told Fox59 that the couple may have separated prior to the incident.


  • L. Price

    The female victim was my family. We’re grieving enough. Your mindless and rude comments are not necessary. How would you feel if you lost a loved one and a dumb ass such as yourself commented as you did?

    • K-anne

      So sorry for u n ur fam's loss! I hope you can get some kind of answer to help you heal. I am so glad the kids werent there, & I'll say a prayer for u all! Dont even acknoledge the idiots who post rude comments. They are punks & fools!

  • Wanda D. JOHNSON

    W/Each New Report that is becoming more & more frequent is the Work I've done for many years. My <3 Breaks for all Families/Our Overwhelmed/OverWorked/UnderFinanced Funded by all Echelons of Govt while Citizens/Armed Forces DA Vets R here chomping @ the bit 2 Serve and Aid the Organizations and the Individuals & Families as we as the Juvenile Justice/Foster System/Special Needs/Mental Health; ong-Term Care [Pedia;trics Population & more. We {Private Vererans/Neighbors/Vounteers who have skills/vision/experience but of gr8er import is that the Individua;s Calling/Passion/Destiny involves all of the 'Messy' Hard 2 Classify/Effectively Cases of this Nature and All that are occuring Nation-Wide. Reader attention is respectfully encouraged 2 @ Ur Convenience, skim not Tech Savvy FB Page attempting 2 Solicit Assistance 2 Establish what has been my Avocation evening during Years N Dept of Defense from Highschool (IPS/Heritage Christian Indy). Need 2 get started w/project to complete today. No time to elaborate but my Heart Aches when Famiies & Juvenile R other Difficult/Pecedence Setting Cases ke these that wil ony become more vioent/frequent/costly N Lifves & alLiveliehoods as time goes on. No time to proof this post. Need to go else where right now on ine Wil attempt to return today to edit proof this post. Just can't get started w/that until I respond now 2 Reports via Scottand Johnny jus t af ew minutes dago need to get somethings done. pease; Just famiaiarize ur seves w/what I've tried to communicate with great difficulty due to my own Medical/Heath chaenges. Go to FB PPersona Page pls and wi be catching up my Clerical Duties of my Corporate aunch by June 2013. I grieve each day I turn on News to keep finger on puse of U.S & Word Affairs. This and simiar is what I do and w/o Salary. Need a little hep w/buiding/suppies and one closed or targete d to close IPS Schools (Prefer Coeman #110 and Forest Manner due to Poo faciity and oation /and community surrounding.
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  • Wanda Johnson

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  • Mariah

    Wow to crazy how people are fighting over little things and my little cousin just lost her Mother. That's a title no one could ever fulfill for her. I love you Brandi.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Does anyone understand WTF Wanda Johnson is trying to communicate?

    It's like she stroked out but didn't realize it while typing.


  • avagram

    What a terrible tragedy for everyone involved. It seems like a very selfish act by someone – leaving the family to fend for itself and having to one day explain to the chldren. Prayers to those who are left grieving with many difficult decisions ahead –

  • miss t

    So Sad just seen her 3 weeks ago in the mail going ham for the kids. Her world that's all she talked about! My prayers are with the children.

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