Marsh closing stores in Columbus, Marion

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Hometown supermarket Marsh is closing two of its locations.

One of the affected stores is on Adams Street in Marion, Ind. The other is on State Street in Columbus, Ind.  Both stores have leases that expire soon.

Many employees will be given the opportunity to transfer to another location or they’ll be offered a severance package.

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  • anonymous

    why dont we look into the real story behind this finance company who keeps Marsh, O'malia's and Main street stores open or have to close. They have raised the prices on the food and everything in the store to where people can not afford to shop. What is the real reasoning behind shutting the doors on 2 more Marsh hometown market stores? They want these stores to cut back on the hours of the regular people and not have to pay benefits to where it is much needed for the ones who have been working there for a long time, but yet hire more people. Does not make any sense at all. they want to blame the "Obamacare". I myself find it hard to believe.

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