Police: Wal-Mart worker arrested after caught stealing Oreo cookies

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A Wal-Mart worker in northwest Indiana is facing charges Thursday after authorities said she snacked on some Oreo cookies without paying for them.

Police arrested Penny Winters after store surveillance cameras caught her opening up the packages of cookies inside the Portage, Ind. store.

However, it wasn’t the first time she had swiped the sweet snack. Winters, who is a full-time maintenance worker, admitted to authorities she had been stealing cookies once or twice a week over the past seven months.

Winters also confessed that she had been taking junk food from the company every week for four years.

Winters is facing one count of felony theft.


  • tlsmith1138

    This is why I don't watch the local news. This … this is news? Now you're wasting my time on the web. Damn.

    • cookie jokester

      for real,, isnt this just pathetic!! cops would too,, cant go after like u mmm lets see phedophiles,, molesters,, lets get the damn cookie monster,, gawdddd, life is joke


    REALLY FOX,,you'll report this sh##,but you were not interested in a child that was traumatized by having to do a drug test[a 8 year old child] you just keep reporting your stupid stuff I am so done with it!!!!WTHR AND WWRTV I'M BACK

  • Bev

    Caught in the cookie package not the jar. What was she thinking? Surely she knew they had camera's! With the way Wal-mart treats and pays their employee's I can't blame her though!!

  • Earl

    So our tax dollars will be paying for her trial, Really. Why do you have to embrasses her over this? How many of us has taken things small and large from their employer? Almost all of us is the ansrew. I guess she will not be able to carry a fire arm now but the crooks on Wall Street can.

    • Guest

      I'm with you on that one. They will charge her with a felony for cookie snatchin while the executives steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and know one even gives it a thought. Very cost effective.

  • John Howard

    I see empty/opened packages of all kinds stuffed away on store shelves all the time.

    Particularly strange is finding dairy products stashed in the canned food section.

  • Amazed

    Omg….stealing cookies! This is not newsworthy! I feel sorry for her. Has anyone asked WHY she was stealing cookies? Maybe, if Walmart would pay a living wage, she wouldn't HAVE to steal. Walmart should be ashamed for prosecuting! This is a situation that could've been taken care of "in house".

  • Confused

    WOW, FOX, really…Has a murderer or rapist been captured…People walk around Wal-Mart all day, everyday eating and drinking things they surely did not pay for…FELONY, really?

  • Cherokee Chuck

    Uh oh…wait a minute. Is that an Oreo inside of her mouth on the left side? The coppers obviously did not perform a body cavity search. Well Penny, 50 years from now it won't matter anyway. Forget about it. The whole thing is pretty funny. yeah, what-ta ya in fer? Stealing cookies! Looks like Maximum Security too me. .

  • BSW

    Doesn't shock me. Wal Mart sucks. They are bad for the economy and country. I like to refer to them as the Chinese circus.

  • Linda

    I use to work for wal-mart. They owed the poor lady the cookies, the milk. a chair to sit her butt in while she ate the cookies and milk, and any thing else she might have taken from the store. Wal- Mart sucks!!

  • Brian O'Brien

    Walmart Should Pay Their Employees Enough So They Can Afford Cookies Maybe The New Minimum Wage Will Help

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