State Police respond to multiple crashes as drivers deal with slick roads

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The latest winter storm is already creating a mess out on the roads. Police have been responding to dozens of crashes all night across the area. You should expect conditions to get worse in the morning — especially with the freezing rain making things extra tricky.

After 10 hours on the road, Jason King decided to park his truck for the night. First it was the snow. Then, it was the ice.

“It’s just bad. I couldn’t see where you were going, and lots of people were crashing,” said King, who drove from Brownsville, Texas. “I broke my windshield wiper. I had about an inch [of ice] on the hood of the truck. It was overheating my truck. I had to pull over and pound it all off of there.”

“It’s a mess. I wasn’t expecting sleet and it’s really really slick,” said Ariel Sergent, who was driving to work.

The RN is expecting a busy night at the hospital.

“I’ve already seen one truck on the side of the road turn sideways,” she said.

This wintery mix is expected to last until the Friday morning commute. It’s prompted Indy Snow Force to bring in another 90 drivers to work through the night. The Indiana Department of Transportation is also out in full force with its salt trucks. Road crews spent much of Thursday pre-treating with tens of thousands of gallons of salt water.

“With the influx of traffic in the morning commute and the timing that we’re looking at with the freezing rain, it could be a dangerous situation in the morning,” said Nathan Riggs, Spokesman for INDOT.

Police are urging drivers to brake early and often.

“If it stays like this, I guess I’ll probably drive for a little while. If not I’ll stop and see how everything goes,” said Lee Charles, a truck driver from Chicago.