Wife of man killed in teens’ citywide crime spree speaks out for first time

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The wife of the man killed during a citywide crime spree last week is speaking publically for the first time since her husband’s homicide.

“My husband was my life, my best friend, my everything,” wrote Christy Yingling in a letter to Fox59 News.

On the morning of Feb. 13, Christy was speaking to her husband, 38-year-old John Yingling, on the phone while he was pulling out of his driveway in his pickup truck.  Christy reported hearing someone ask for her husband’s wallet and money, before the call was disconnected.  Christy called authorities, who arrived to the 3300 block of Babette Court, to find John Yingling deceased from a gunshot wound in the cab of his truck.

“It is so hard knowing that I heard the guy ask him for his money and wallet and that was the last thing I ever heard,” wrote Christy Yingling. “It is so hard knowing I couldn’t save him.  They took a wonderful husband, father, son, brother and friend away from so many.  There isn’t anything in this world that I wouldn’t do to bring him back.”

Sirquain Burr, 17, and a 15-year-old boy were arrested in connection with John’s murder, as well as several other crimes that took place that day.

Before Yingling’s death, prosecutors said Burr and the other juvenile robbed a woman at gunpoint in her garage and tried to rob a jogger. After shooting Yingling, the pair is accused of shooting a man who was walking his dog on the west side. They were in a stolen vehicle, police say, that officers spotted shortly after that shooting.

When officers tried to stop that vehicle—a blue Ford SUV—the teens drove off, starting a pursuit that ended in a multi-vehicle crash in Brownsburg.


  • anonymous

    What I would like to know is why werent these delinquents in school that day? Oh I keep forgetting…uh wanted to see what kind of trouble they could get away with. Were these idiots on some kind of drug? What would make them do such a crime as to murder someone and 2 other attempted murders? Really? I feel for his family and friends who knew him and lost the best part of their life to what? These delinquents need to be tried as an adult in court and sent to prison for a death penality sentence or life without PAROLE!!!!!!!!!

    • Ruby Black

      In the first place anyone not in school under 18 years old, should be with parent. Maybe we need a daytime curfew. Every parent/guardian should know there child is in school. Our school systems are on so many schedules you don't know who's in school and who's out. If all school systems within Indianapolis and surrounding counties were on the same schedule, you would know that a child should be in school. This would deter children walking and roaming in neighbors. You never know when a child belongs in school or not. This would deter a lot of crime. Schools need to immediately notify parents/guardian of an absence. Police should be cruising the neighborhoods for truancy. Result: Less crimes. Students suspended should be sent to a Suspension School, and parents made to attend for Parenting and Crime prevention.

      • IagreeBUT!

        The parents have to be present in their lives, and care. Seems like most of the garbage youth in the crappy areas of Indy, have garbage, uneducated parents/guardians to "look up to". Start locking the parents up for not parenting, and making sure their offspring are where they should be. It starts at home. Like you said, court mandated parenting classes might help too!

  • Mettaintheworld

    *since fox 59 likes to put up a comment box but then disable comments* (SMH)
    This is from the previous story:

    "Janet (the victims wife) said she has heard others expressing sympathy for the teens and their parents.

    She has none"
    Don't worry Janet…we are right there with you! I want these two to get death. They do not deserve to live…I feel nothing for them or their families. ….except anger and hatred. I have not been able to get this story out of my mind since it happenend. An innocent man…on his way to work…shot dead because of two LOSERS…HANG THEM! we don't need nor want their kind in our world. Their parents are 'sad'..well go visit your POS kids in jail…Janet will NEVER see her husband again….your spawns took everything from her and her kids. ROT!!!!!

    • matt

      their parents ought to be help accountable for their kids's actions as well as the teens. they would not hesitate a bit to put one of us in the for our kids mistakes so why should they be any different???

  • USA

    Prayers go out to the families. I am a hard working, law abiding citizen. I carry my pistol everyday, where where I go, as should EVERYONE. I will shoot you dead where you stand if in anyways I feel my life is threatened or my family's or any other innocent person. I will protect my "castle" with no attempt of flight. This white guy will live to see the next day. Mrs Janet I feel so badly for your loss and am sick an tired of reading these kind of news stories. You POS people need to get it together

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Oh great! Another super rambo!

      Some of us who are armed don't need to self-assure ourselves of our capability and intents to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. You urban rambos crack me up.


      An armed Black guy.


      • USA

        Yes CSJ I have more guns than most. My conscience is clear. I have lost a family member and a friend to a random act of violence.

        You say self assurance, I say confidence. The law abiding American people need to step it up a notch. You say sue the parents, I say give those pos lethal injection. I don't want my tax money paying for them to still have luxorys you get in prison.

        On a final note to the Fox59 police ClanJokeJaguar I hope fox pays you to lurk their website 24/7 and comment on EVERY news article. Sounds like you have too much free time. Either you need a job or a girlfriend. Good day

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >You say sue the parents, I say give those pos lethal injection

        I say more align yourself with realities. They deserve the death penalty but they won't get it so now it's time for plan B once the trial is over with. You may enjoy spending your life butting your head upside a rock, demand things be the way you want but I tend to deal with realities. lol

        >ClanJokeJaguar I hope fox pays you

        They should! You should email the site and ask about that.

      • jerry


        An armed Black guy.

        Some people dont need to mention they are black in every post either. we dont care. that doesnt make your opinion any more or less valid. now if you signed it "A caring black dad" we would all be shocked

      • ClanSmokeJaguar


        Dear moron. It's called humor. The only reason I mentioned that is our urban rambo mentioned he was a "white guy"

        Damn…the intelligence level on this comment section drops every week! lol

      • USA

        You find anything humorous about a honest citizen losing their life? It's funny how "you" can put together urban Rambo, white guy in one sentence and then follow up with an insult to fellow readers and Hoosiers.

        And you say align myself with "realities"? I say that's half the problem with everything. I will butt my head againist any rock that attempts to crush my right to Liberty and Justus for all.

        "We are the millions and millions of Americans who take responsibility for our own safety and protection of our children as a God-given right. We are proud to exercise that right, are not ashamed of it and deserve nothing less.." NRA.org

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >You find anything humorous about a honest citizen losing their life

        Is that your take-away from my previous comment? lol…well, okay!

        Oh big deal! You're a NRA member? I was for the longest but switched my support to the GOA.

        Any more questions?

      • Realist

        It's usuallly an armed black that kills people for what they won't work for. Targets are usually white, because whites are more likely to work, and therefore have $. If blacks would just stop living up to the stereotypes, haha but that's not possible. It's a generational miscommunication, and general lack of intelligence within the poverty stricken black communities. Apples don't fall far from the tree.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Actually, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, murder generally and largely stays within the same demographics.

        Once in a while someone will stray and murder outside their "group" When that happens typically idiot liberals and the media will go nuts or foam-mouthed, uneducated people (like yourself) will sound off. It all depends on who stays outside their group and who they murder.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    The woman should sue the parents of the thugs for contributing to a thug who ultimately led to a wrongful death.

    Hey…it's a stretch but this is the USA where people sue for less reasons.

  • Andi

    Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Where is the outrage that 2 black teenagers are killing innocent white people? Losers.

    • Mettaintheworld

      EXACTLY….That is why I kept asking "Can't they consider these hate crimes"..If it was two white kids, targeting only black people….we'd sure enough see some ghetto outrage transpiring! Bunch of chicken headin' and doo rag head shakin' & lip smackin'.

  • Roger

    Hard to believe that his mother thinks that he is a good boy…Lady your son is a stone cold killer who wil end up as Bubbas meat toy in Michigan city.Let us all pray that both of these animals experience the total prison experience every day for the rest of their miserable lives……

    The sad thing is that Curry will again back off and not seek the death penalty. This case will be botched by Curry just like the Richmond hills deal and the Bisard deal.

  • angry citizen

    The sad thing is that racisim is always brought about. The color of your skin does not matter. There are stupid white people and stupid black people. If the smart people would just get along maybe there would fewer stupid people

    • ClanSmokeJaguar


      I agree. And in the gallows box we need to put the woefully uneducated and hopelessly ignorant.

      Any last words?

    • Cherokee Chuck

      Which one's, the white N's, the black N's or the brown or yellow N's? N's is not a race, it's a lifestyle and/or a way of life. You choose the lifestyle/way of life to live. You determine if you want to be an N or not. Hey just wanted to shed some lite in a different perspective and context. I truly wish today's youth could've experienced growing up in the 50's & early 60's like a lot of us did. I don't remember any so called color in people. Just people. Seems to me like for the most part that most "folk" got along with a little more rationalism and respect for each other and each others property. It's sad to see this great nation fall apart at the seams. Never the less, God Bless America, one and all. Thanks for reading my view/comment Cherokee Chuck

    • John Browning

      So this is allowed, but you can't use any words that have the letters a-s-s in it??? I can't post M@ssachusetts, har@ss, or any of the other thousands of words that contain those letters, but someone can come on here and post this?

      I am confused Fox59.

    • Jennifer Johnson

      Thats not rite to say. It doesent matter what color you are. The color of your skin doesent make you a bad person. Its the choices you make & they made that choice so they should suffer the same fate. I know cause that is my brother 38 year old John Yingling. I think about him every day and his kids and Janet. Its just not rite to have your life took from you and your loved ones before your time..

    • ClanSmokeJaguar


      How old are you? How exactly was I "owned" and what are the results of said action?



  • H2otowngirl

    I believe that the mother is delusional and that they both deserve to die for their crimes. I do not want to have to pay for them to be in jail the rest of their lives. I'm having a hard enough time keeping my head above water and helping out my own family to pay from them to get 3 hots and a cot.

  • Paul

    At some point in time the Black community, especially the ministers who appear regularly in the news, will need to face reality. The problem is not the police or guns or profiling or etc. but a breakdown in the family and moral spirit of their communities. Here are a facts published by the US Census and the FBI: Blacks committed 48.7% of the murders, 55 % of the robberies and 31.8 % of the rapes in 2010. When you look at the US Census numbers, Blacks comprise about 13% of the population. It would be great if we began to address real solutions this breakdown.

    • Guest

      You are right, and I agree that the moral and family breakdown in all ethnic and social groups is having catostophic effects on our culture. But you also have to look at income and poverty levels. Poverty, unfortunately, breeds crime. And, also unfortunately, the majority of impoverished communities are primarily made up if minority groups. I think that shows a problem with the social setup of our country, not a problem of one ethnic group over another.

      • Guest

        Well I guess we can agree to disagree. According to the US Census there were 29,830,000 whites below the poverty level in 2009 and the number has risen each year since 1980. There were 9,944,000 black below the same level and the number has fell each year during the same timeframe. So, if poverty breeds crime, then whites should take the prize in all catagories of crimes just by the numbers above. I think there is more at work here.

      • StarlettMiller

        They always want to claim it is something other than the first and most obvious identifier.

        In 2009, the City of Cincinnati did not have a single white victim of a homicide. (That) tells me that we have a subset in the underclass of Cincinnati which is committing a lot of violent crime and they tend to be black. And the reality is, you almost always commit murder within your racial classifications. So when we’ve got a young black man up in the coroners office, it’s almost always a result of another young black man shooting him.”

        That same year, 2009, no white men were killed in Cincinnati, but 44 black males and 11 females were the victims of homicide in the city

  • Cherokee Chuck

    Which one's? The White N's, the Black N's or the Brown or Yellow N's? N's is not a race, it's a lifestyle and/or a way of life. You choose the lifestyle/way of life to live. You determine if you want to be an N or not. Hey just wanted to shed some lite in a different perspective and context. I truly wish today's youth could've experienced growing up in the 50's & early 60's like a lot of us did. I don't remember any so called color in people. Just people. Seems to me like for the most part that most "folk" got along with a little more rationalism and respect for each other and each others property. It's sad to see this great city, state and nation, fall apart at the seams. Never the less, God Bless America, one and all. Thanks for reading my view/comment. Replies/ rebuttals encouraged, Cherokee Chuck

    • Mettaintheworld

      I totally agre Chechu.. I constantly say "when I say 'niggerin' I am not referring JUST to black people..I'm referring to ALL trash that goes around 'niggerin' it up…' that's whiteys included!

  • Sosad

    I am sorry for the family's loss- both the deceased+ and the young boys who did it. This is such a senseless loss of life/pain for the victims family, but also for the boys family's also :(

    • Jennifer Johnson

      Think about what you just said about the boys family's. If this was your brother or father you wouldent be worried about their family's. John Yingling has 2 kids a son & a daughter. He will never get to be in his son wedding when ever he decides to get married or be able to give his daughter away at her wedding. Now how do you think this will make his kids feel like when this day comes. So you see I think they are the ones that will suffer the most in the long run. Trust me I loved him he is my only brother…

  • Guest

    While it is a tragic crime and there is no excuse for the actions of these boys, I had the opportunity to get to know the older of the two boys and he did in fact have a very caring and sweet side to him. He volunteered at with elementary aged students at youth groups, spent time working with special needs peers, and was the first to offer help to those around him. Yes, he knows right from wrong and is 100% responsible for his decisions; he will pay the consequences for hs choices. But to make a judgement on a person you ave never met is ignorant. The crimes were horrific but when it comes down to it: they are both troubled kids, not monsters.

    • Angry Mom

      Not monsters?? Don't judge a person you've never met?? Try telling that to the 14 year old child that no longer has a father!! I'm sure Manson had a sweet side as well. It does not matter how much good these two MURDERERS ever did. They killed a man in cold blood. They hurt and scared a lot of people. The lives they touched that day will never be the same. I have kids the same age as these two. They would never even think about doing any of this. They have goals, work ethic, compassion…all the things these two worms know nothing about. Which one of their parents is going to fess up to letting them have the gun? These parents should also be held responsible for the actions of their spawn.

      These monsters should FRY.

    • Janet Yingling

      i cant agree…these two boys have changed the life of generations to come in our family. John will never get to see his 18 year old son graduate high school, never meet new additions to our family never get to give his only daughter away when she gets married. So many other things that he would have been involved in Stacey and Brads lives.



  • Tyrone shoe laces

    This is clearly a hate crime. That said our wonderful Prosector doesn't have the backbone to charge it that way. Nor the talent for two high profile cases against his constituency. You can bet the wheels are already turning as to how plea this out and move on ASAP. Interesting that Hogsett hasn't put his 2 cents in on this. He grabs headlines more than Micheal Jackson used to grab his crotch. Hogsett has his eye on the Governors house. This one doesn't fit his agenda either.

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