IMPD officer sentenced in robbery and misconduct case

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INDIANAPOLIS – A veteran Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer accused of targeting minorities during traffic stops before taking their money learned his sentence.

David Butler was sentenced to eight years Friday. Four of those years were suspended. The judge ordered Butler to serve three years in the Department of Correction in addition to home detention and probation. He’ll also have to pay restitution and perform community service.

Butler, who’d been with the department for 23 years, was convicted on Feb. 7 on four felony counts, including two counts of robbery and two counts of official misconduct. The charges stemmed from incidents involving two Latino divers in 2011.

In one case, Butler pulled over a driver at a Marathon Gas station without explanation. He told the man to get out of his vehicle and stand at the rear, telling him to put his wallet and cell phone on the driver’s seat. The man said $700 was missing from his wallet when Butler left.

Investigators said Butler lied repeatedly about the encounter—even denying that he pulled the driver over—although surveillance footage confirmed the traffic stop. Butler later admitted that the traffic stop happened.

Butler’s first trial ended in a mistrial after jurors failed to reach a verdict.

Butler plans to appeal.


Officer convicted in case involving robbery, official misconduct


  • Richard

    and yet the murderer Bisard is still walking a free man…go figure

    Interesting that Curry put this guy away but wont call for death penalty for the two gangsters that kiled a man and went on a crime spree or the Richmond hill killers. I assume that this cop is a Republican and Curry is trying to make a point

  • safety guy

    @richard, I'm a republican and I pulling for death penalty for the "Im a big guy with a gun" gangsters, and the "I'm fixin to blow my house clean up" richmond hill killers.
    …and yes "I like quotations"

  • Steph

    Lmao @ Brian's comment. That's not even right. We can't be mad at the immigrants that don't have to pay taxes or that get Medicaid on us when they can't even speak English and are fully capable of working….our wonderful government allows all of that! And this dude is a douchebag.

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