Police: Man arrested for stealing musical instruments, equipment from churches

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A man was arrested after police said he stole musical instruments and other equipment in two separate church burglaries.

Devon Ulrey, 19, was arrested on charges in connection with the burglaries, as well for a home burglary on the city’s northeast side.

In early January, officials with the 91st Street Christian Church reported seven microphones valued at $2,500, a $2,000 Gibson Sunburst guitar and a $3,000 Martin custom guitar were stolen.

A guitar shop in Castleton alerted authorities the guitars had been brought in by someone who was attempting to pawn them.  According to the police report, one of the guitars was recovered at the shop but the other was not.

On Jan. 23, police were alerted of a burglary at the St. Matthew Catholic Church at 4100 E. 56th Street.  Church officials reported $2,000 worth of microphones were stolen. According to police, fingerprints were found in the area where the microphones were.

Fingerprints recovered at the scene matched fingerprints collected at a home burglary in the 5700 block of North Oxford Street, said police.  The homeowner reported a laptop, approximately 40 country CDs and jewelry, including two pearl necklaces, were taken.

Police said the fingerprints matched those of Ulrey, who is expected to appear in court next month.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said Ulrey’s brother, Shawn, is still wanted in connection with the crimes.


  • Indy Resident

    Stupid people again. Get jobs you idiots and stop jacking things that other people have to work for. What does grand-theft get you these days besides a mugshot wearing pumpkin orange? Crime does not pay a good wage however, it does provide shelter, a bed and 3 meals a day! Maybe that's it. Hmmmmm.

  • auggie123

    What! no comments from the Racist and bigots I can't believe it. So now you know criminals come in all colors so please stop all the negative talk when they happen to be black! Thank you.

  • open minded

    I hate to see alot of these comments about race vs statistics. People of all ages and races commit crimes. Child molesters are mostly American. Drug dealers, murderers and rapists are mostly African. Drug producers and kidnappers are mostly Latino. But who cares seriously all races are guilty.

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