Snowfall begins in metro area ahead of rush hour

Spotty rain showers continue for the late morning and early afternoon hours across Central Indiana.  Temperatures will be warm enough to keep this precipitation liquid up through 2 PM for the majority of the state.  Cold air starts moving in quickly after 2 PM and this will start changing over our rain to snowfall from west to east this afternoon.

First of all, check out the advisory map.  The WINTER STORM WARNING starts at 3 PM today and lasts through 7 AM Wednesday.  The WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY starts at 4 PM and continues until 7 AM Wednesday as well.  The definition of the warning and advisory are at the bottom of this post.

Winter Advisories ADI

Let’s start the discussion at 2 PM today.  Rain will start changing over to snowfall in our western counties along the Illinois border.  This will be a wet snow and covers grassy areas and roof tops quickly.  You’ll notice snow on the roads shortly after that as the temperature continues to fall.  The metro will still be seeing light rain at this time and no snow.  This is also the case for all location east of Indianapolis.


Snow and rain by 2 PM


Snowfall takes over completely in Central Indiana after 7 PM.  Moderate to heavy snow showers will reduce visibility and snow should start covering the roads and making them slick this evening.  If you need to travel this event, it’s better to get out as early as possible before several inches of snow accumulates.  Snowfall is likely to continue as we go through the evening.

Here’s a look at 10:30 PM on Fox Futurecast.  Heavy snow will still be coming down northeast of Indianapolis with moderate to light snow falling elsewhere. Snowfall will continue into early Wednesday morning.


Snow coverage by 10:30 PM


For comparison sake, here’s a look at the RPM and what it shows for snowfall by Wednesday morning.   The latest run places 3″ of snow in the metro but this number has been fluctuating between 3-4.5″ of snow since last night.

Snowfall Forecast CITIES

RPM comparison to our snow forecast

WINTER STORM WARNING:  A winter storm warning means significant amounts of snow and sleet are expected or occurring. This will make travel very hazardous or impossible. Significant amounts of snow are forecast that will make travel dangerous. Only travel in an emergency. If you must travel…keep an extra flashlight…food…and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Up to 6″ of snow is possible.

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY:  A winter weather advisory means that periods of snow and sleet will cause travel difficulties. Be prepared for slippery roads and limited visibilities…and use caution while driving. 3-5″ of snow is possible.


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