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Two additional teams created to protect citizens launch Wednesday

The Department of Public Safety launched two additional efficiency teams Wednesday that were created to help better protect the public.

The Graffiti Eradication Team and the Limited English Proficiency Team began work at the City-County Council building. The two teams are a part of approximately 30 teams that will take a comprehensive look on how Indianapolis protects its citizens.

Each efficiency team is comprised of public safety employees, members of the public, elected officials and affected labor unions.  The teams are given goals, objectives and are required to meet deadlines.

The Graffiti Eradication Efficiency Team, chaired by City-County Councilor Jeff Miller, will review the current processes used for eliminating graffiti in the city and determine the best way to move forward.  The Limited English Proficiency Team, chaired by IMPD Commander Jim Waters, is currently working to present a plan to ensure all citizens have equal access to the criminal justice system, including people with limited English proficiency.

The teams are expected to submit their findings by June 1.  Information regarding the teams’ work, recommendations and implementations will be made available here.

If you would like to submit thoughts or concerns about the efficiency teams, e-mail dps@indy.gov.


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