BREAKING: Three Indianapolis men arrested after fatal shooting, robbery at Jennings Co. gun store

Man arrested after airport screeners find loaded handgun in bag

INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis man was arrested Wednesday morning after airport security workers found a loaded handgun in his bag at Indianapolis International Airport.

According to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report, a Transportation Security Administration worker located the gun after an X-ray machine found a mass in the bag.

The loaded handgun was in a case. Police also found a 10-round magazine and five loose rounds, according to the report. The owner, Britian Sherman, 24, was called to the checkpoint and told police the gun was his.

He presented police with an application for a handgun license dated Feb. 13, 2013, but police said Sherman couldn’t produce a permit. A subsequent check found that his handgun license expired in 2011, the report said.

Sherman was preliminarily charged with carrying a handgun without a license and undisclosed transport of a dangerous device.


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