Survey finds Hoosiers remain divided on gun control

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A new survey finds Hoosiers are split when it comes to gun control.

When asked if Hoosiers feel the laws covering the sale of guns need to be changed, 42 percent said the laws need to be more strict, 45 percent said they should stay the same and 9 percent said  they need to be made less strict.

Fifty-one percent also believed strengthening the laws could help prevent mass shootings.


  • Rick

    No the current laws need to be enforced instead of enacting new ones. I for one will die preserving my 2nd amendment rights.

  • A Parent

    What survey? Who designed it? How was it worded? What was the agenda of the survey-taker? Any survey can be worded, designed, and interpreted to mean whatever the survey-taker wants it to mean.

    • Crawppie

      I totally agree with A Parent but, will add that the people polled are most likely uninformed, just like voters…The proof is in the White House pudding…jus' sayin'

  • P.E.

    Total lie! Lies, lies, lies….you people tell a lie to cover up a lie and then you believe your lies! Who are these 'supposed people' that were surveyed??? No way in hell people think there should be MORE laws for gun control. How about ENFORCING the LAWS that are already on the BOOKS?! Start with that and then come talk to us. That's all.

  • Rick F.

    More typical liberal fodder for the herd !! I would ask that they come down and "poll" the people involved at the rally in support of the Second Amendment at the Statehouse this Saturday March 9th, sponsored by "Indiana Moms Against Gun Control". God knows that the media has given far too much time to "Million Moms".

  • anonymous

    Like to know how they took the survey..standing front of Wal-Mart etc. I know I didn’t get a call..did they call each county.. did they do it on line.. how many people did they talk to…I would like to know who is trying to take my 2nd amendment rights away.


    Our founding fathers made it so every american could DEFEND their family and live off the land. And now people r tryn to take away somthing our founding fathers gave us. We got america. From our farmers and other people who fought for our freedom now if we lose our gun right what did all those people die for????? Yes. Sum. Times people get wepons that shouldn’t have them but that happen in everything. People drive cars tht. Don’t have a lic. Sooo. Should we get rid of cars. People drink and drive. Should we get ride of the people who make it?? We tried and lost tht. Fight is u take our guns u will lose tht fight also. My children hunt with me and they knw. A firearm never. Gets pointd at a person ever…..

  • Hoosier

    This is a ridiculous attempt to sway public opinion. Indiana (yes including lake county) is a huge pro gun state. We value our second amendment to the fullest extent. Honestly I don't know who authorizes this sort of "survey". Nobody called me to ask my opinion that's for sure!

  • Robert Short

    We should have the right in America to protect ourselves! The new laws that they want to pass, are not going to take the guns from the people that need the guns taken away! The murderes and theives will never obey the laws. I think instead of gun laws there needs to be more attention paid to crime laws! I think EVERY school should have an armed security guard to protect our children when they are not with parents!

  • Violet Abney

    I just feel like the laws should be a little tougher. The semis should not be sold. What are going to be hunting for beside humans. All other only after a better background check. I knew a felon get a gun permit. He was convicted of man 1. Got out of prison and the next week went to a gun shop and legally got a gun. What is wrong with that.

    • James G

      Your friend lied to you.. Under Federal Code 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1). anyone "who has been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year" is barred from possessing a gun.
      As for "semis", you apparently do not understand what the term means, because banning "semis" would ban 99% of all guns..

  • TheOnlySaneOneHere

    The comments here make me laugh. Not every person in Indiana is a gun nut. I'm 100% for enforcing the laws we have, and ADDING MORE to protect the people in this state. Sorry if a bunch of rednecks thinking they're Rambo doesn't make me feel secure. Quite the opposite, actually. Even my father, who has owned countless guns over his lifetime and has a license to carry, thinks we need stronger laws. That's because he's not a selfish child who thinks his manhood is somehow tied to a piece of metal. And seriously, if you need more than a pistol and 11 shots to defend yourself from an intruder, you don't need to own a gun anyway. You need to get yourself to the damn shooting range and get yourself an instructor to teach you how to use the damn thing. Nor do you need to own one if you actually think you're going to fight in a rebellion and have even a snowball's chance in hell of winning. Delusional people should be kept far, far away from ANY firearm. The simple fact is, our gun laws suck. They're ineffective and insubstantial. There are too many loopholes. Every person who wants to buy a gun needs to be thoroughly checked out, and weapons meant for the sole purpose of slaughtering whole groups of people at one time should NOT be in the hands of civilians. The 2nd Amendment is being taken WAY out of context. Having pistols and shotguns for hunting and personal protection is one thing. Amassing huge aresenals of assault weapons is another thing entirely, and not in the LEAST what our founding fathers were intending.

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