Murder suspect in hospital after SWAT standoff

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INDIANAPOLIS — After a standoff that lasted nearly six hours, a murder suspect was taken to a local hospital in critical condition suffering from a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

Police cornered 41-year-old Brian Fegley at the Value Place Hotel, Thursday afternoon. Earlier that morning, Fegley was linked to a shooting near 82nd and Shadeland Avenue that killed Eli McAfee.

McAfee’s mother told police her roommate Fegley was the shooter.

McAfee’s wife wrote on Facebook, “Please pray for his spirit and his family… god bless and remember life can be short.”

His brother added, “I loved that man more than any other living person. And he’s gone.

I hope the vibrant spirit he had will be dispersed back into nature and that you might find some beauty in this world. He had a lot of it; it shouldn’t be hard.”

Charges have not been filed in the fatal shooting yet.


  • StarlettMiller

    In Marion County (Indianapolis) this year..
    27 homicides
    0 yellow
    1 brown
    7 white
    19 black

  • Senseless

    Senseless…just senseless…. Good reason to not hang out at a dumpy bar on a work night, all you end up with is riff raff and trouble

  • Terri senter

    Elisha was an employee of the bar and was trying to protect his mother, get the facts straight. So u r saying it was his fault he got shot and killed. What small minds

      • Hey wood jablowme

        Oh yes, he was named after a prophet… Because his mom taught Sunday school as well (ya right). Should’ve named him ‘stubby’ for being stubborn and not knowing when to walk away from a bad situation. Oh well, to each his/her own I guess.

    • Hmmm

      Really? Protecting his mother??? Sounds like he didn't have enough common sense to walk away. The report says they argued for an hour. He wasn't protecting a damn thing except his pride and stupidity. And I doubt he was 'working'….sounds like he was just being an ass who didn't have enough sense to walk away from another idiot with a gun. He obviously knew the shooter, he obviously argued with this individual, and he obviously got into a physical confrontation. Quit trying to make him out to be some hero, far from it!!!

  • Smokey

    Citygirl is correct there is no debate, things are oriental, people are Asian in decent not oriental. It is true blacks have more homicides mostly black on black. I think it is black culture to issue all black males a firearm when they turn 12. Not just here but all over the country.

  • Rise above

    I knew the alleged shooter. This is very sad for the victim, and his family.Our hearts go out to both of these families. It is sad for the alleged shooter family. Sensless. Brian suffered from a trumatic brain injury at age 15. Doctors are finding that as time goes on the brain injury worsens, this is what happen to Brian. And the comment about his eyes, stop. He has two serious eye conditions, one, cogential at birth, the other a result from the brain injury sustained. Prehaps if Brain would have received the intervention needed, we would not be at this place today.Should he been allowed to fall, he may have gotten the help he needed. Prehaps if the money pipe line would have stopped, he would have been better for it by being forced tinto help. Money may have bought time in this situation but not what would of saved us from where we are today.

  • Anonymous

    This is the first article I’ve seen that’s more about the victim than his killer. Thank you for highlighting the actual tragedy of this situation. A very good person died.
    To those who posted their skepticism yesterday- convinced that his actions provoked the outcome- I can’t blame you for jumping to such conclusions based on the information you’ve been given. You obviously didn’t know Eli, and nobility is too rare in people to be assumed as a factor in a situation such as this one.
    But it was a factor this time.
    Eli was a noble person in life and it makes a terribly sad amount of sense that he’d die that way too.

  • Me

    Nothing is giving as much attention to Elisha as these comments right here. Some of you should meet a person before deciding you know their heart or even their story. I’m sure Mr. Fegley was a sick man, that bar was trashy, you are who u associate with, but some people are dealing what they’re dealt with the most gracious heart and that’s Elisha McAfee. He loved that woman…debate it or not. If u wouldn’t protect your mother maybe you should get off the Internet and go make good with her before the Lord takes one of you. I loved you Elisha!

  • guest

    I agree! I didn't know Elisha but I did know his mom as well as the shooter. I just think it is ridiculous and sad all at the same time to see these comments. If a tragedy like this happened to your family I am sure you wouldn't be commenting this way. I know that I wouldn't want people commenting like this about my family. It just goes to show how heartless and senseless people can be. My heart and prayers go out to this grieving family at this time.

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