H&R Block customers delayed tax returns due to computer glitch

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A computer glitch is causing delays in processing for thousands of H&R Block customers waiting for their tax refunds. The company is confirming an issue with certain tax returns filed before February 22, 2013 – some included certain education tax credits claimed on Form 8863.

“We have worked with the IRS to expedite a solution to this issue for all of our affected clients,” H&R Block wrote in a statement.

Thousands of frustrated H&R Block customers have taken on to Facebook. They’ve created a page called ‘Club 8863.” There’s currently more than 2100 likes.

Jamar Avant of Indianapolis recently became a stay-at-home dad to take care of his three sons. His 6-year-old, Jordan, was just diagnosed with a mild learning disability last year.

“Normally with our taxes we can just take that and budget our bills up so it really won’t hurt us as much,” said Jamar. “But this year, it has really been a struggle.”

With less income coming in and his wife, Mioshea, balancing school and a job, the Avants filed their taxes early in hopes of getting a fast return.

Six weeks later, still no check in the mail. Jamar has called the IRS and H&R Block almost every day.

“We just haven’t been able to get to the bottom of it,” he said. “Whatever it is that’s wrong with it, they can’t explain it to us. They were making it as if it was our fault. It was something we left out.”

“Two hours of waiting, literally two hours on hold,” said Mioshea. “We’ve never had this issue. To not get answers is the most frustrating part.”

H&R Block eventually issued a statement on its Facebook page Friday:

“We have worked with the IRS to expedite a solution to this issue for all of our affected clients.”

“For those clients who received the IRS notice regarding Form 8863 that said it would take 6-8 weeks to receive a refund after this issue is resolved, we are assured it will not take that long.”

The Avants say they can’t wait much longer. Mioshea is thinking about finding a second job.

“You can’t wait because the bills don’t stop. Our rent has to be paid,” she said. “We have three children. Their needs don’t stop because the tax returns aren’t here. We’re trying to make it day by day but it’s becoming frustrating.”

This has been an already delayed tax season. The IRS announced late January they would not be processing the 8863 form until mid-February.

Typically, the wait time to get your refund is about 21 days. Fox 59 has learned of similar cases with people filing with Turbotax as well.


  • Millicent

    I am in the same boat and have been told the same thing. We are being penalized for going to school and it makes NO sense to me. Filed on Jan 29th, accepted Feb 15th, supposed to get by March 8th and now NO apparent date on IRS website of when I will get my money. Told the same thing about my return is in a different department and to call back on this Friday to see if there is a change. I filed with HR Block and my friend had someone do hers with education credit and already has her money. I think HR Block should give us our fee back for everyone who has had to wait because of their glitch. I paid them $289 to file my taxes. I need that back and my return asap.

  • Furture MRS Green

    my returned was accepted on 2/17 still no money… i did not file with H&R or TT I used 1040Now. I talked to the IRS today and was advised there was a hold placed on accounts filing the 8863 form and usually it takes 7 days from the date the error was filed to be lifted. As of right now the error filing date is showing as 3/25 and refunds will begin to be issued after that date…. Basically THIS FUCKING SUCKS!!!!

  • Heather

    I used H and R Block filed my taxes on 2/5,also claimed the education credit and recived my federal return on 2/13, so my question is: would my refund be accurate or should i have my return double checked?

    • Erin

      I would get your return checked. The IRS was not even accepting returns with the education credit until 2/14. Odds are your return did not have it if you got your refund before the credit was even being accepted.

  • Blue lady

    I filed with H&R Block Online. I started my return on 1/28 because they advertised they were ready. Little did I know they were not. I have an education credit and I still have not received my refund. I'm not about to be homeless, lose my car or in the dark but I could use that money for car repairs and tuition payments. And it's March so I went ahead and paid some utility bills that I could have stretched out further but I had planned on having my tax refund because I trusted H&R Block when they told me I would have it by March 7th. That's what hurts here. We expected something and it didn't come and we don't know when it's coming. Now I've got to rearrange everything to accommodate what I paid for because I believed in dome thing that I should not have. I'm blessed that my situation isn't that severe, but I've read many other heartbreaking stories of families just trying to hang on another day and this is one thing that should not be up in the air. If we are due a refund, give it to us. If we are not, collect the balance. And do it quickly.

    • fullajoy1@yahoo.com

      Why in the hell would anyone solely rely on funds that aren’t “in-hand” anyways?? That is honestly very stupid and seems perhaps you and all others relying on returns as their ONLY income should plan ahead better and make wiser financial decisions. I learned the hard way that you NEVER EVER depend on money that isn’t in your possession already. But, yeah, it does “suck” that all our H&R Block filed refunds are taking forever. Mine is a nice $5,500 and I am STILL waiting too.

  • Courtney

    This is a lesson to be learned for myself. Never again will I use the H and R Block online site to do my taxes, nor will I ever be going to H and R Block again. I am also opening up a bank account for taxes only. I am going to change work tax information so that they take the minimal amount of taxes out, instead of the maximum amount, plus extra. The money that used to go into taxes each week will now be put into my "tax" bank account. The only time I will access this bank account is when I file me taxes and guess what, I don't have to wait 21 days for my refund! That way this will never happen to me again, I won't have to worry about getting an IOU form in the mail one day, the government won't get any extra money from me ever again. If I end up owing, O-well, because the extra will be in the bank account anyway. I suggest everyone do this method so this don't ever happen to you again.

  • CAgirl

    I really don't think it is H and R, Tax Turbo, etc. From everything I have heard and seen, it is due to the 8863 form not being accurate when tax preparers and online services used them. The old 8863 form was used and the IRS sent out the new form late because Congress couldn't come back from their vacations soon enough to pass the new regulations (giving the IRS time to do the updates needed for effecting so many hard working individuals). I am also in the same boat, financially, as many of you. I barely live paycheck to paycheck. My salary is just above "low income", I have a child with disabilities who racked up thousands of $ worth of medical bills over the past two years. I haven't bought groceries for two weeks other than milk and bread for our peanut butter sandwiches. It is hard when I have to decide between my son's medication and groceries. So, I feel your stress. Hang in there. We will all get through it! We are going to school to better ourselves financially. When we get that degree and start making better money, all of this will only be a distant memory.

  • Misty

    Just got off the phone with the IRS. Like many people, I filed, 2/1/13, accepted 2/14/13, and the lady at the IRS said due to errors (blocks not filled in on the 8863) I will receive a letter in 2 weeks from the IRS stating what to do. I used HR Block. The IRS lady said she had not heard that HR Block was working to correct these errors, I just have to wait on the letter to finish processing my taxes.

  • guest

    It is would be nice if someone would blame the people in washington for waiting so long to strike a deal…honestly that threw off the tax season from the start…then this….they are holding both 8863 and 8867 saying both were unchecked but they were because my return shows it.
    NO REFUND YET 4 weeks

  • guest

    Why are people depending on money that isn't even THEIRS to begin with to pay THEIR bills that are THEIRS to begin with!! Stop looking for people to blame because you don't pay your bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I know its frustrating, but we cant DEPEND on our taxes at the begin. of the year either.. what would we do if we didn’t get taxes back..look at the people in the other country! The government is just taking money out of their bank accounts without asking!

  • guest

    I talked to HR Block,they read me a letter that was given to them from IRS just this past Saturday that stated the glitch was on the IRS side, and they would no longer make people wait for these letters to fax in a copy of their 8863 form, that they would continue to process them in the order they came in and we should have a date with in the week. So i guess we shall see, and my tax return is mine, i paid those taxes the gov was not entitled to through out the year, but i am also thinking of claiming all of my dependants through out the year so this does not happen again.

    • Brandon

      It is our money u dumb a** the government takes it out of your hourly income, and determines if they took too much from u depending on what u have going out!!!!!!!!!!!! Idiots

  • Tonya

    My Husband and I files our joint return on Feb. 5, and was told by H & R block that the IRS would not be processing returns with the education tax credit until Feb. 15. On Feb. 15 we received the notice that our return was accepted. We to like so many others need our return to get caught up. We had a baby & I have been out of work things have gotten behind. We too use H & R Block every year and pay some pretty large fees for their service. It has been several weeks and the IRS is still saying processing with no prospective date. Not Good!

  • Robin Day

    I originally filed Jan 27th and was then told they wouldnt accept until Jan 31st. Then since I went to college in 2012 I had to wait and file Feb 14th. I was told 21 days and was accepted Feb 14th. I am still waiting and the H and R Block guy said it may be 2-3 MORE weeks. My bills are sliding quickly.

  • Joel

    I have filed for the credit as well. The IRS does not have to give any answers until the 22nd of not getting the return. They note clearly that it could take 14-21 days to process. I would not really freak out until you are past the 4 weeks or get a letter.

  • Brittany

    I feel for you all! I filed on 1/26 and the IRS accepted on 2/1. However my tax pro from H&R block did not tell me about the education form delay and I have been checking the IRS website along with H&R block everyday and it still says processing. I have called the IRS several times and each time I am told something different. I got a letter stating that two boxes were missing when in fact they werent and when i went to the office for H&R they told me it was all the IRS, do not respond and it will be fixed soon but who knows when…. when you depend on money and it doesnt come, the bills do add up. Dont count your chickens before they hatch… The wait continues

  • Breanna Witte


  • Bonnie

    This link on Forbes.com explains what is going on in depth. Yesterday I found out that Turbo Tax responds to people on their Facebook page, because you can't ever get a hold of them any other way. I've asked them if they knew about this error and they said they hadn't heard nothing what so ever about this issue. It is just a run around!!!!

  • Fed up with IRS

    I filed through turbo tax…..I have yet to receive my refund…..I got a letter from the IRS saying to call I have called 3 times only to be hung up on after 2 hours….I'm over it



  • Kelli

    So they didnt accept my refund until 2/14/13 when the education credits were accepted and now I have to wait for another 6-8 weeks. I am moving to Dallas, TX in 1 week and need that money. What the hell!!!! I will nvr refer anyone back to H&R Block.

  • Jane

    I also filed with the 8863 form and was told when I filed on 2/11 that it would be delayed a week due to the education credit. I paid the large fee to get the refund back withthin two weeks and guess what it is a month later and still no refund. Do you think HR block would give the money back that I paid to get the "fast" refund. No way!!!

  • Will

    As a tax preparer with H&R Block since 1993, I wanted to make a couple points here. First, any (and all) tax returns that are filed via the IRS efile system and then “accepted” means that ALL forms that are filed are complete with no missing information. If there was any blank area(s) that required an entry of any kind on any included form, the return should have been rejected from filing until it was fixed and re-sent. Once a return is filed, it is in the control of the IRS for processing and issuing any refunds. Truthfully there is little to nothing that any of us in the industry can do other than to try our best to keep people informed. Yes I am not proud that my company did not proactively inform our clients sooner. Truthfully I wish there was more I could do personally to make this nightmare go away, but all I can really hope for is that you understand that the fault does not belong to any one company or online tax software you used this year. I think that too many changes were implemented too late and there was too little time to test the systems properly. Unfortunately it’s all been at the “cost” of the American taxpayers. I hope you ALL receive your expected refunds soon and can resume your lives. You’ve EARNED it!

  • Sam

    The people who are owed refunds due to this glitch should be compensated interest for everyday after April 15th without refund. The government would charge you if you owed them??

  • J.L.


  • mike huntstinks

    hey h&r block how about a refund .you didnt even say you where sorry . i was told to hold my ass and tough luck.

  • nana

    I think this is so ridiculous that we have to wait this long for our tax to come in after 21 days. I mean like seriously we have bills to pay and things to do that is very important and it's not our fault that we have to go through this bull crap and l am highly upset as well as the rest of the others because they have to take out more than what's needed for them. They should give us all the money back to us and don't pay them at all for what we had to go through with this!!!!

  • Lauren

    uuuhhhmm, HR Block told me that 'they did their job' when i told them i wanted a refund !! uhm when did they find out about this issue? bc they JUST TOLD ME ABOUT IT YESTERDAY, and i've been calling and calling for 2 weeks! and conveniently the woman (also office manager) who prepared my taxes was out all week and was told she would have more answers for me.. but she didnt ! i definately think i deserve a refund, i did my bf's taxes the sAME night HR Block did mine, and his took no more than 10 days? WTF, that only cost me $30!!
    maybe everyone should call HR Block and demand refund!

  • Lauren

    sidenote: i think i'll go the the mall and sit outside their office and tell ppl to save their money, and give them the rundown.. until my refund is in my bank account? sounds like a plan ;)

  • HateH&RBlock

    I found somewhere that it is all H&RBlock's fault. They screwed up their software, a couple of data items related to the education tax credit were in the wrong format than what the IRS required.
    I hope somebody gets a class action lawsuit going. My son's college has requested tax return transcripts for their financial aide & scholarships; so, we are screwed as most of the scholarships have been awarded already, but not to us because we don't have our return processed yet.
    I could have used my return a month ago, and now I have to wait another 6 wks? That's 2 month's worth of interest I should be getting, plus the scholarships we lost out on, and whatever other financial aide as well. Never using H&RBlock again.

  • ann

    yes i know i had my taxs file on feb 2 2013 IRS accepted on feb 13 i still have got them and this march 21

    • keena lynn

      taxes gotten acepted on feb 17 2013 still no tax money irs told me 2-6 weeks because it in the error department

  • Erica

    Does anyone know if we can get back the money we had to pay H&R Block to do "rapid refund"? or to check the box they missed for the education credit? I paid $273 to have them screw up my taxes and like the rest of you i am still waiting. however after reading all the comments not one person is asking the big question or worried about why we are paying them to screw our taxes up and make us wait way longer than the 21 days! if anyone can tell me whether we can demand our fee services back or not i would greatly appreciate it

  • Linda

    in order for me to to do my taxes with Hr block they HAVE to do it for FREE for real… !!, our spring break vacation plan has been ruined because of them.. the glitch or wherever they want to call it, im part o the education claimers and this is getting frustrating… no vacs , my husband is on leave and we have to stay HOME. thank you !!!

  • Katelynn

    I filed 1/31 thrugh H&R Block, with no education credit. Just a no-nonsense poor person file – although I did file state and federal. Still no refund. Just that it's being processed with the IRS website. Honestly, it's been almost three months and I forgot I'm supposed to have money coming back to me . . .

  • frustrated beyond

    I filed my taxes January 22, accepted via mail on Feb 7 and I still do not have my tax refund. Yesterday on wheres my refund, it still said processing, Today on the wheres my refund site, it actually doesnt exist anymore. Nice. I called and after being on hold for 27 minutes, I was told there is no record of my return. What do I do now?

  • michele

    We filed on Jan 31 with the education tax credit. ( Maybe that's the real problem–it's a "credit" if it was an added tax they would have flew through processing ) . We were then told there was a delay and nothing would be processed until Feb 21st. Feb 21 came and we were told refund would be received in 21days. On the 21st day ( date of supposed refund) we received an email from H&R block saying that there was a computer glitch causing additional delays. The additional delay said another four to six weeks. We are in week five and no change in the status of our return. Not even a projected date. Sometimes being an American sux.

  • Rhonda Howard

    I also have been waiting on my taxes for almost 2 months. Bills are stacking up work is getting harder and harder for my husband to make ends meed but bybthe grace of god we are making it. We just recently got married and was hoping this tax money would help us buy our new home. Only god knows when it will arrive, please hurry

  • JennyJenn

    I truthfully don't believe there isn't a problem with anyone's actual information on their returns. I believe that H&R Block isn't up to standards, regardless of "new laws". Call me a "conspiracy theorist" if you like? However, my own thoughts on the matter, are that , the IRS is reviewing/auditing H&R Blocks data input/processing. Just as the IRS had held many other tax preparation services accountable under their microscopes. I think they are chalking it up to these minute new law changes. Come on, this country has new law changes all the time that we "the people" are never aware of. "Things" seem to be just fine with those changes. But, like I said, this is just my opinion and thoughts. feel free to constructively comment or inform me of what I may not know. I'm only interested in intelligent opinions or actual facts. thanks for reading!

  • guest

    We filed January 30th and still no tax return it is still being processed apparently. we got our state withing 2-3 weeks, but still waiting for federal..totally ridiculous.

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