Three killed in Delaware County crash

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DALEVILLE, IND. — Three people are dead and three are injured following a single-vehicle crash near Daleville, Ind.

According to Cpl. Tony Skinner with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department, dispatchers received the first call about the crash just after 4 p.m. Sunday.

Minutes later, first responders arrived to find a severely damaged SUV off the roadway at County Road 600 West and State Road 67.

Skinner told Fox59 of the six people inside the SUV, three were completely ejected and two were trapped and required extrication. The driver, identified as Lisa Case, 46 of Anderson, was partially ejected.

Case, front seat passenger Kent Kalley, 46, and rear passenger Andrew Lackey, 12, both of Yorktown, died at the scene.

Medical helicopters transported Savanna Kalley, Trace Joiner, and Jessica DeLong, all 13, to Indianapolis hospitals. Skinner said they were in stable condition Sunday night.

Investigators believe the SUV was traveling at a high rate of speed southbound on County Road 600 West when the vehicle came over a rise in the road. Skinner said the vehicle became “light” and the driver over-corrected sending it off the east side of the roadway.

The SUV became airborne when it struck an eight to ten foot tall earthen berm, struck a concrete retaining wall, and flipped for a couple hundred feet before coming to rest.

Police wrapped up their on-scene investigation around 8 p.m. Sunday.

Skinner said the Superintendent of Yorktown Community Schools was proactively bringing extra resources for friends of Andrew Lackey.


  • Karen

    This happens to be part of my family that passed in this terrible accident…have some sympathy and compassion for accident victims and their families. We do read this not to be selfish and lowly but to see the articles from the paper and for sympathy from others…not to read rude comments from jerks who obviously have never lost a loved one. I sincerely hope this never happens to you!

    • unowutopinionsrlike

      Very sorry for your tragic loss, Karen. Also sorry that you have had to read the insensitive remarks of losers who are probably, at the very least, borderline psychopathic and lacking emotion, compassion, remorse, and empathy. Their spelling and grammar is a good indicator of their lack of intelligence, as well. Praying for the recovery of the rest of the victims and strength for your family. :'(

  • Sad

    Fox needs to delete these insensitive comments so the families don't have to see them or hear about them……I can not believe how disrespectful people are. God please wrap your arms tightly around this family tonight and bring them comfort and peace.

  • Brenda Laznovsky

    The minor in this accident was my 12yr old nephew. He was a good kind hearted kid that would do anything for anyone in need. I am on here reading about it because I am 1000 miles away, wanted to see what all happened. I am headed to Indiana in the morning. all I can say is shame on you. God doesn’t like ugly. R.I.P my sweet sweet angel.

  • Courtney Rittenhouse

    The 12 year old that pasted away is a good friend of mine. I go to school with his older brother. Im close to both of them! Stop running yur damn mouth. No one should past away like this. He was way to young, he had his hole life ahead of him. He was a damn good kid ! Thought about everyone ! Good in school. Never had a problem with him. For the person who is running thier mouth WOULD NOT like if someone was talking about their family like that. Im just a friend and that hurt, so I can just image how the family feels. Im so sorry Andrew, Yu shouldnt be gone. May yur soul rest in peace. My heart go to the family.

  • Joshua Brinkman

    Andrew Lackey was one of my friends, cried when I heard today. He lived just 200 yards away from my house He was a great person.

  • Slayer2

    He has made you kings & priests unto God. (Revelation 1:6) You
    must stand on this word even though your current circumstances
    say contrary. Remember that David was anointed king by God
    through Samuel long before he actually sat on the throne. He was
    no less God’s anointed through the years of wait. In every peril,
    every trial, when David despaired of life, the Lord God
    was still in
    control. Through every failure and victory, in darkness and in
    light, through fear and faith, The Lord
    was and still is The
    Almighty. He says that you are a mighty man (woman) of valor.
    Don’t let the enemy dispute this in your heart and mind. When the
    walls seem to close in and you seem in utter darkness, He says to
    you ‘having done all, stand; stand on My word, on My promises.
    (Ephesians 6:13) Stand on the fact that I AM’.

  • Amy Smalley

    My daughter went to elementary school with Andrew and will miss him a lot. He was a great kid….way too young to leave the world. I can't imagine how the family(s) feel about there lost right now. Our prayers are with them and with the families of the injured as well. We are so sorry…

  • Kat

    I have known Kent for many many years. His children were his life. He would never put them in danger. Why do some people have to be so rude with their comments. There are children sitting in the hospital fighting to get better. Not only do they have to worry about getting better she has to deal with the loss of a father and her best friend. Savannah I wish you the speediest of recovery. Your father are so proud of you and Aaron. He will be watching you both forever and always. I send my thoughts and prayers out to all the families involved in this horrible accident. To the people that are saying the rude comments why don't you keep them to yourself and at least send your condolences to the families involved. Or just keep your big mouths shut.

  • Courtney

    Im sorry Kat, but the drive should not have been going so fast with kids in the car. Not blaming Kent or the drive but they should have used their heads.

    • SL2010

      It's not about using there heads, it's about the fact that God obviously had a plan for them, that is the only reason they have passed. They have lived there life here on earth, and now he needs them in heaven..

      Also, that "driver", her name was Lisa, and she was my stepmother. Try not to be to in sensitive these are people lives that were taken.

  • sparkyavonlady

    I just happened to drive down 67 right after this crash happened and the responders we've freshly on scene. Such a sad thing to see and even sadder to know people died. My prayers to the family

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