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Rare meningitis case confirmed at Muncie middle school

Muncie Community School alerted parents this week after a middle school student was diagnosed with a case of meningitis.

Parents and students of Wilson Middle School were notified in a letter that there was just one case and it was not an outbreak, according to Nancy Wagner, a nurse with the Delaware County Health Department.

Officials said the student was diagnosed with Neisseria meningitis, a fast, aggressive strain of the bacterial infection that can cause high fever, rashes, vomiting, confusion and even death.  The bacteria is transmitted through saliva and is not airborne.

Wagner said school are considered a low risk.  However, a patient’s close family members and friends are considered high-risk people.  In this student’s instance, Wagner said those close to the patient were treated with antibiotics.  She said no other cases have been reported.

The strain is relatively rare, with only two reported cases in Delaware Co. last year.  Approximately 30 to 40 cases are reported statewide each year.

Wagner said the student is recovering.


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